Finally got my bags from Macy's! What should I do?

  1. Here are pics. First, thanks to Lattegrl for telling me where to find an adios stellina during that macy's sale a couple of weeks ago. I asked the girl who didn't know Toki if the dog was on it and she said "yes" so I got all excited thinking it was bastardino when its actually nero. I like him a lot too...but I don't get that extra color "pop" I was dreaming of! Is this a good enough adios stellina to keep? This is the first time I've seen a stellina IRL ...its a cute size for a handbag.
    toki macys 001 (Small) (5).jpg toki macys 002 (Small) (4).jpg toki macys 003 (Small).jpg toki macys 005 (Small) (9).jpg
  2. is the pirate campeggio I got from Macy's. I've never seen Pirata IRL either...its a VERY BUSY print!!! Cute but I don't know if this is considered good print placement or not. I asked her if it had the ocean scene clearly on it....she didn't know toki and she said, "yes". I love its chock full! What do you think of this placement? Keeper?
    toki macys 006 (Small).jpg toki macys 007 (Small).jpg toki macys 008 (Small).jpg toki macys 009 (Small) (2).jpg
  3. Annie B, I like that you have the rainbow & baby sumo on the front part of the adios stellina. Yesterday , I saw the PERFECT Pirata Campeggio but since it is not on sale, I hesitantly put it down. It has girls on all the pockets and the purple haired girl is in the middle of the bag towards the top.Anyway, a lady complimented on my foresta Campeggio and said it looks better than the pirata campeggio i was holding. but if the pirata campeggio ever go on sale, I would definitely buy it.
    You have a few girls on the front, so if you like it, it is a keeper.
  4. So its about the girls being on the front of the bag? I wasn't sure. I just wanted to be sure the back of the bag had a complete island scene on it...I can't really tell.....I love all the mermaids (there are bunches of mermaids) and looking at the picture I took on the front....the top has the same girl repeated again...strange it would repeat so soon.... the stellina is a tough one....I definitely know its tough to get one w/this many characters on it....and the baby and latte & bastardino were my hunt...when she said it also had rainbow on the flap it was like "WOW YEAH!" but then I was sad that it was nero instead of bastardino...girl told me latte was on both sides but she's actually just on one side...but I got both of these bags for a really good price (like 30% off)
  5. They're both cute! Keep both of em!

    I really want a Pirata Campeggio. I was holding that and a Pirata Zucca, and i couldn't decide! Then I held up a BV and liked that too! They all had great print placements. I wished I could have gotten them all! lol

    *sigh* i put em all down... maybe that was a good thing.. lol
  6. Well, I intended to keep both if I loved them.....I waited so long for them it took the edge off...hahaha! There needs to be a bag size between the campeggio & the stellina! The stellina will fit inside of the campeggio!
  7. Yeah.. stellina is like a baby campeggio.
  8. Annie Congrats!! I can't believe you got them already ahhahahahahahahahahah just kidding!! I think they're both fabulous bags! In my insane Adios hunt I found that each Macy's seemed to get in only 1 adios stellina so there were always slim pickings. I don't think I ever saw one w/Bastardino on it. My stellina has Sandy, Nero, pink latte & the star on the front and I actually think I like yours better than mine!! I :heart: ur rainbow!! :yahoo:

    They're definitely both keepers IMO!!
  9. I totally agree. My BF and I say this ALL the time. A bag in between those two sizes would be the perfect size bag :yes:
  10. Thanks! You even like the pirata? It's not too repetitive?
  11. Yes, I love the pirata too :love: Pirata is one of my absolute favorite prints and I wanted a few bags in that print but somehow I ended up with 1 and 4 adios things :nuts:

    I think yours is awesome. I love how the one flap has the girls' heads and the other flap has their bodies on the chest. I think it's a great print placement. I'm kinda jealous and wishing I got one :drool: for myself. :sad:

    What's the story with your shipping are you getting a refund? If so, then you got a super duper sweet deal! :graucho:
  12. Yeah, I called Customer service and they said it would take about a week to credit my acct for the shipping. It was a sweet deal if you think its good print placement? It repeats pretty quickly doesn't it? I had no idea....but I do think its a very fun print! I was thinking of using it for summer toting kids to the pool? Needless to say my pool totes cost about $15 each...never thought of carrying an expensive bag to the pool ! hahaha! Until tokidoki!!!!
  13. annie b - both are very nice bags. i thought the same thing about the pirata print when i saw it. the print itself is big (the girls on the chest and pirate girl in the heart) but the repeat itself is small compared to other tokidoki prints.

    i really like your adios stellina. your have nice full stars on the front (not cut off like some and i've even seen some sewn slanting!!) what draws me most to the adios is the black and white. i personally only like the ones with just one or two bits of color. i figure all my other tokis are so colorful, i like this print for a bit of a change.

    i passed up an awesome stellina because i didn't like it on (it was too stuffed at the store) but i now own an arancia stellina and i love it!!! of course the adios stellina is long gone:sad: but i do have a gioco.

    hope you end up keeping them. i think they're great!
  14. They both are adorable! Keep them both!
  15. annie I think both are really cute. If it were me, I would have wanted the ocean scene on the pirata a little more centered on the back of the campeggio, but you pretty much got the whole print so not much to complain about!! I would keep them both if you like them! I like all the characters you have on the stellina. I think it's just impossible to find an adios w/all the characters you want on it, unless you get one of the big bags.