Finally got mine, the Jeanne PM and a Broome wallet

  1. I´ve been wanting a Jeanne PM for nights out and for little errands, I love the messenger style of it. It´s super cute and fits all that´s necessary.

    Also got a beige Vernis Broome wallet, wanted a small wallet but it had to hold coins too so this is a great size.
    broome.JPG broomeopen.JPG jeannepm.JPG jeannepmclose.JPG
  2. Very cute, congrat's.
  3. love em all~Broome is too cute! :nuts:
  4. congats!! I have a blue broome and love it ... it's a great small wallet, so much more useful than a ludlow!
  5. Congrats! I bet they look great on you!
  6. so cute, congrats!!
  7. Congrats!
  8. Congratulations!
  9. They are both gorgeous! Congrats!
  10. So cute. Congrats!
  11. Very cute! Congrats!
  12. :nuts: Jeanne PM whats this? the cutest most adorable thing on planet earth?????? :tender:
    LOOOOOOVE both!! Nola u scored great items!! :heart:
  13. Thank you all:heart::heart:
  14. Congrats!!!
  15. I love it!! congrats!