*$* Finally got it *$* with a story & pix!


Apr 21, 2009
i went to LV on saturday all thrilled and excited,i knew what i wanted to buy since a long long time..i reach there..and SA says its not available right now:shucks: LV is like and hr and a half away from me so i was really irritated! i didnt get myself to buy another bag!!

while leaving she said it will come in a week,she gave me hope! she didnt tell me to pay any advance,but cant trist the SAs at time,so i voluntarily paid her some advance:graucho:

The next day itself she calls me and say it has arrived@@@:yahoo: i was like thats fast!! she said yea just 2 pieces!:P

i rushed next day after work with my hubby to LV,alota traffic since its a monday!:P

here it is,it may not be a great reveal for many,but for me it is!! its an early bday present from me to myself:roflmfao: my birthday is in september!

here she is!!