Finally got it! On my birthday, too! :)

Nov 19, 2010
So 2 weeks ago, I started my search for a Neverfull MM (with 2 boys under 3, I need a big bag). When Hubs finally agreed to buy me one, we walked over to the store (we were at the mall at the time) and they had JUST closed. T_T So the next day, I went back (45 min drive!) and they didn't have any in stock. FML.

So I stalked the website. But I still couldn't decide between the Azur or Ebene. And then one day, the Azur was available to purchase so I bought it! But then I found out they had the Ebene available at the Macy's in NYC so I called and bought that, too! Lol.

So on my birthday (the 23rd), I checked the status of the Azur and it was being delivered that day! And to my complete surprise, the Ebene was delivered as well! It was hard to choose but I ended up keeping...

The Ebene! :smile: My first LV, I love it.


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