FINALLY got INCLUSION Earrings & ICONS Book that were supposed to be XMAS presents :)

  1. I had posted in the Shopping sub-forum that DH went down there on December 9 to buy these for my Christmas presents and the SA told him the earrings were sold out and the book would not be available until January. :wtf: :crybaby: He spoke to a SA other than our usual ones and she took down his name and number to call him when the items were in - she said that they were expecting a shipment of the earrings to come in before Christmas. Well, Christmas came and NO phone call. :sad: In fact, NO one called at all. :cursing:

    Well, DH and I went down to LV today on a whim just to see if the Inclusion Stud Earrings and Icons Book were in yet. They were! :yahoo:

    Our SA showed us the two sets of earrings and told me I could pick which colors I wanted. When I picked the dark pink and yellow ones, she said that that would leave two sets of light pink on the card and that she was mistaken in allowing me to choose. :rolleyes:

    So I picked the dark and light pink set and they are so purdy. I bought the last of the only TWO Icons books that came to the store. :wtf: They never got more than two. Unreal.

    They had a showcase full of the new Pomme Vernis and I am smitten. DH is loving the Reade PM. :graucho:

    Anyways, I am thrilled to post pics of my supposed-to-be-Christmas-gifts-but-ended-up-as-post-Christmas-gifts...
    1.jpg 2.jpg
  2. [​IMG]

  3. Lovely purchases, enjoy & congrats Addy :amuse:
  4. Congrats Addy!!!! I coulda given you my Icons book [I have YET to read] for Christmas!!! :p

    Great close-up pics of the earrings btw. ;)

    Love, the guy who named you Addy. :lol:
  5. :nuts: Congrats Addy!!!! Love the earrings:drool: I've yet to see these IRL:drool: ...Reade PM huh..he sure has great taste:graucho:
  6. Very nice! :nuts: Congrats!
  7. congrats! i have the bubble earrings too and i love it.
  8. congrats
  9. Addy: Congrats to you.. enjoy them...:flowers::heart:
  10. Congrats on your bubble earrings, they're so cute!
  11. the bubble earrings are so cute!
  12. those are too cute, makes me wish I had my ears pierced (but I'm sooo afraid of needles :s )
  13. Very cute,enjoy!:smile:
  14. They are so cute so pretty:love:
  15. Addy~ congratulations! I am so happy for you! Enjoy and wear in good health!:love: