Finally got Frye Dorado Slouch boots from NM but theyre defective!

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  1. I had been eyeing the Frye Dorado Slouch Boot for quite sometime when I was finally able to order one pair from Saks in the saddle color size 6 and one pair from NM in dark brown size 6.5. It was the buttery soft leather and the prospect of owning extremely well made boots that would last 30 years (I still have my mothers and they are in spectacular condition) that reeled me in. Honestly, I liked the dark brown more. And after reading the reviews with some reviewers stating that they could not even get their foot into the foot and saying that it had a narrow toe box I ordered half a size up at NM (I have wide feet). As for Saks, I ordered it in a 6 because it was the only size left and I figure why not give it a try since it was on MAJOR sale. Sorry, I'm rambling...

    Anyways, I just recieved the NM 6.5 (I was excited they shipped overnight for some odd reason) and was eagerly awaiting the Fed Ex truck all morning when finally it arrived!!! I slipped on the right boot and gave out a sigh of relief and giddy pleasure to know that this was a good size. Not tight in the toe box at all!! Perfect! I have large calves so the shaft fit perfectly snug and I thought to myself "good thing I order 1/2 size up!! YES!' But... slip on the left boot and I noticed right away a sharp bump digging into my heel. Turns out, forgive me for I do not know the correct terminology, the hard cardboard like material they use to give the back of the heel portion of the shoe some structure (the hard layer sandwiched by the soft exterior and interior leather lining) was folded so it is overlapped causing the large bump. I cannot actually physically SEE the overlap but I felt it with my fingers and there most definitely is an overlap of that material! What are the chances!!! :hysteric: So now, since I do not want to be charged $9.50 for return shipping to NM... I need to go to the nearest NM store next week to return them which is 45 minutes away. What a pain!!!
  2. So sorry to hear about your boots being defective! I have them in saddle and love them! It sounds like it is a workmanship problem...I wonder if you can call the Frye company to let them know what you have experienced...?
  3. Thats a bummer! Sorry to hear that has happened with your boots. I had the same thing happen on some shoes I had, and I didn't want to return them (liked them too much), so I took a nail file and filed it down...
  4. I have the Frye Dorado slouch boots in cognac in 6.5 if your still interested...wore them 4 times =) I am going to put them on eBay this weekend
  5. Hey there...i have the Frye Dorado slouch boots size 6.5 in cognac/saddle? if your still looking..wore them like 4 times...
    I am going to try to put them on eBay this weekend.
  6. heads up: you're not allowed to sell on this site.
  7. Since NM sent you a defective product, if you call Customer Service you should be able to get your return shipping fee reimbursed.