Finally got an oak bayswater!!! (oh and a poppy satchel)

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  1. I have been really busy at work recently so have not been on here so much but at last I finally made up my mind to change the bag I got in the sale to an oak bayswater.

    I had originally bought the white poppy but decided I would probably not use a white bag very much so changed it on Wednesday. The staff in the Mulberry shop in Edinburgh were very helpful. It has not been out the bag yet as there has been so much rain in Edinburgh I cannot take it outside to spray it!!

    I also bought the white poppy satchel which was on here a couple of weeks ago from Start as it will be a great bag to take on holiday (when white IS practical), dont mind that one in white as it was half price :tup:

    So I am very happy bunny having went from my only Mulberry (the black Ledbury I won) to 3 now :yahoo:
  2. Forgot to say I am STILL looking for an Annie if anyone comes across one.
  3. Congrats on your new bags. I just love the Baywater!
  4. Congrats Pauline, an oak bays is great buy and a classic Mulberry! poppy satchel sounds cute too, you have a nice and versatile mulberry family.
  5. Congratulations on your bags. Love the Bays!
  6. Congrats, oak bays is a fab buy!
  7. Congrats! Hope it stops raining soon so you can take it out;)!
  8. Congrats Pauline!

    Collinil that bays of yours and get it out! The rain just darkens the leather and makes it more gorgeous IMO:yes:
  9. Pauline, get that Mulberry out, I live over the bridge from you and have an Oak Anthony as my dog walking bag, as you can imagine it's seen a fair amount of rain and it looks great! :tup:
  10. Congrats Pauline, sounds like you have the ideal bag for this Scottish weather. The Oak wears and weathers so well.

    Am interested to hear about your winning a black ledbury, how did that come about?
  11. Hi Tireebabe, I work for Thomas Cook and won it at the end of last year when we had a Sandals incentive on and I booked a lot of Sandals holidays (love it myself I just found out today we are going to Jamaica in October, it will be my 9th time at Sandals).
  12. ^^^Wow, 9 times, very nice! Great move on the bag, I think you made a fab choice. Lets hope you can start using that baby soon :tup:
  13. Great bags Pauline. Oak bays is so timeless & Poppy satchel looks so cool. Well done on winning the ledbury at work.. I wish my work had incentives like that LOL.. I would work 50 times harder hee hee.