FINALLY got an AMAZING bordeaux Ramona!!

  1. Back in July I came across the bordeaux Ramona and debated and debated some more as to whether I should get it or whether I should get the Riki. ( Then it was available on and I procrastinated again when I could have saved 10% ... and of course, by the time I made up my mind a few weeks ago, it is SOLD OUT EVERYWHERE!! :mad:
    That'll teach me to wait.:noggin:

    So, today I decided out of the blue to just sneak over to Saks on my lunch break ... and I all but fell over when I saw t he most AMAZING bordeaux Ramona perched up high on a shelf. :love: :drool: Half still in shock that I found it, I paid for it and then it hit me that I had no clue how I was going to sneak the rather large bag back into the office. :sweatdrop: So, my dear Ramona is paid for and waiting for me to pick her up at the store later today!!

    I AM JUST SOOO BEYOND EXCITED!!! I can't wait to post pics!!

  2. Thats really great!!! I'm still hoping ill be able to find a patent riki.. wishful thinking maybe..

    congratulations!!, cant wait to see pictures!
  3. why didnt you want to bring her back to your office?
  4. My office is all the way at the end of my floor, which requires that I pass the offices of quite a few higher ups along the way -- several of whom have given me a raised eyebrow for the handbags I carry. I just didn't want to chance it.
  5. ^Ah, that sucks that you have to compromise because you have better taste ;)
    Anyway, congrats on your Ramona..bordeaux is an amazing colour and you'll love this bag, it's so chic and functional! :smile:
  6. that's a pretty looking bag.. congrats.
  7. I hate you a little bit for this :hysteric: :lol: :lol:
    I love this bag & you are so lucky!!
    It is a stunning, gorgeous, beautious, delicious & wonderful bag :love:
  8. :yahoo: CONGRATULATIONS!:yahoo:
    it is an amazing and beautiful bag!
  9. Wow! It sounds like the two of you were meant for each other. :graucho:
    How amazing that you found it! I have been losing sleep over this exact bag and colour. I'm so envious. :love:

  10. I'm so happy for you stinam! I've been carrying around my patent bordeaux Ramona for about six weeks now, and I absolutely love it. No regrets whatsoever. I hope you enjoy yours. Congrats!!!!!