Finally got an Alfred! But what color is it?

  1. So many of you know I've wanted an Alfred for a while now. The timing just wasn't right for me when they started appearing at Off 5ths and sure enough, they disappeared by the time I was able to buy one. Thanks to several :heart:beautiful ladies:heart: on this forum, I was alerted to one that appeared on eBay last week. I sealed the deal and it arrived yesterday. It's everything I hoped & dreamed of!! :girlsigh:

    But here's my question... The seller said it was the Bordeaux color in her listing, but I'm really thinking it's actually Slate. Do any of you know for sure? I tried to take pictures of it in different lights. Sometimes it looks black and sometimes it looks like a deep chocolate brown. It doesn't ever look Bordeaux to me though. I'm just curious because regardless of what the color is, I'm soooooo in love!! :love::love:
    Alfred1.JPG Alfred2.JPG Alfred3.JPG
  2. Looks like SLATE to me! Pretty!!! There is another thread from someone with a Slate I am looking for it now...
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    It was DivasDare!! You are twins!
  4. Thanks for sharing the pics! Glad to help you find that HG bag! :nuts: :yes:
  5. congrats! i love the alfred. it's such a cool looking, classy bag. it's from fall 06 right? such a good season. :love:
  6. ^^Thank you!!

    Thanks so much Forenfinal for confirming the color! :flowers: I'm so happy it's the Slate color after all. That's the color I wanted most other than the virtually-impossible-to-get Teal color!

    weN84 - you are one of those beautiful ladies I mentioned!! :heart:

    tadpolenyc - Yep, that's a Fall 06 bag! You're right about it being such a great season! :tup:
  7. You've got a SUGA BABY TOO! Hehe! Luvs it! Yup it is slate.:yahoo:
  8. ^^YAY! We're Twins D!! :nuts:
  9. Gorgeous bag--congrats Cheryl!!
  10. Great minds... *snickers*

    You do have excellent taste, you introduced me to the Selma. You have a fab collection. Any collection update pics?
  11. Congrats on your new bag! Such a gorgeous colour!
  12. ^^Thank you ladies for the compliments!!

    DivasDare - I was thinking of taking an updated family photo when I have some extra time during Spring Break. It's only 3 weeks away, thank goodness. Send me a PM to remind me, okay? :yes:
  13. Congrats!! I'm glad you found another HG at a steal. Can't wait to see your family photo!
  14. Congrats, it looks like a yummy rich color! :tup:
  15. WOW!! Your Alfred is such a beautiful color!! Alfred is a fantastic bag you will use all the time (especially in that color!). CONGRATS on finding one!!! :flowers: Also, can't wait to see the family photo!!

    So..I have a nutmeg Alfred and since that is not exactly a twin maybe I can be a bag cousin or something?!:p