Finally got a patent bag!

  1. I´ve been wanting one for ages but didn´t want to spend a lot. Finally found one at Bianco that met my standards; fairly big, good on the shoulder, no buttons, clasps. 60 dollars and I´m very happy with it.

    Picture 002.jpg
  2. That's a great purse and a great deal too.
  3. Congrats on your find!! Love the chain straps!!
  4. I am loving patent this year as well...actually last year, too. I just love all the bright patent colors out now!
  5. Oh yes, I would love one in red!

    Thanks all!
  6. I love patent bags...
  7. I love patent as well. Congrats on your cute new bag!
  8. i'm not crazy about patent but that's a cute bag! great steal:smile:
  9. Love love love this bag! I'm a sucker for patent leather and chain straps and this bag has both. Great price too, can't beat that. Congrats :nuts:.
  10. Nice! :tup:
  11. great deal. so cheap!
  12. Thanks all for your lovely compliments! This is a very easygoing bag, great in the rain:nuts:
  13. I think that is adorable, looks like a lot of fun to carry!
  14. Congrats!! Great deal, too! :tup:
  15. Very pretty! What a great deal! How do you feel when you carry it with the metal chain shoulder straps? I don't have any metal chain bag since I am afraid it will hurt my shoulder, also the extra weight. Does the chain strap bother you?