Finally got a LoVe phone charm! And I think I made an SA connection!

Jun 29, 2006
Yesterday I went to the big LV on 57th and 5th in Manhattan, and had a GREAT time! It was my first time there, and it is SO nice and big...and everything looks so delicious, I want it all!

A really nice SA helped me; she even showed me some shoes! I tried on the LoVe heels and the Noumea sneakers; love both, but totally cannot justify buying them at the moment. :sad: Someday, though, I will indulge my lust for LV shoes!:heart: The SA was so nice, though, showing me everything, and she was impressed with my knowledge of the stuff that's coming out soon (thanks to tPF, of course!). I asked her a bunch of questions about when she thinks they'll get in the upcoming new stuff, like the LoVe totes, the amarante...she said "wow, you really keep up to date on all the new LV stuff" or something like awesome! AND she took down my cell # to call me when the Love2 totes come out, and she gave me her card! I thought that was fantastically awesome :yahoo:

Oh yes, and here are pics of my new LoVe charm stylin' it up on my damier's great! It's so cute and I love how it looks...if you're thinking about getting one...GET IT NOW before they're all gone and you're sad...



Luv bags
Nov 15, 2005
That's pretty cute; it's my first times seeing it. Looks great on your bag. Congrats.