finally got a Gucci duffel bag!!

  1. Woo hoo :woohoo: .. haha i know i already told you on the collection thread.. but i'll tell you again. congrats!! i :heart: it!!!
  2. Congrats!
  3. Congrats! I've been wanting to get one of those as well :biggrin:
  4. Go for it! I highly recommend it!!
  5. How much can you fit in your bag? Do you have any pix of it when it has stuff in it?
  6. Congrats! Love that Duffle!

  7. same thing i wanna know. because i need a weekend bag

    congrats btw
  8. Its pretty roomy. Its perfect for a weekend bag.
  9. I wanna see pics!!!!
  10. Congrats! I should get one too... so tempting. Enjoy your new Gucci!
  11. Congrats ! I have the same in the grey/blue combo, it's such a useful bag ! :yes:
  12. ooh I like it. Would be great as a carryon
  13. Or a gym bag... although I never go to the gym...
  14. i really wanna buy this duffle bag.
    Anybody has any idea where to buy it now? i think it's sold out everywhere now :sad: