Finally got a DBTY Necklace! (custom made)

  1. Congratulations! It's gorgeous!
  2. Nope! I was actually a bit worried about that...I tried on one with a covered back but it just didn't have the delicate look of this I said oh well just make it and if it pricks I'll deal with it! But it is totally fine.

    It pricks me if I press it down on my neck but I don't do that lol!

    Second day wearing it and I am so happy with it! I am never taking it off.

    I am trying to find a cute bracelet to add to my yurman stack to compliment the necklace.

    I like this ippolita one:

    But may just get something made :shrugs:
  3. the ippolita bracelet is really nice, i've seen it IRL and it's a great stacking bracelet. the rock crystal motifs are nice as well, very versatile :smile:
  4. they look amazing together
  5. I just had my Dbty bracelet made with diamond... .45ct 2x and .55ct 1x with hardwired bezel. The pinching is nothing, I don't have issue with it. The filling is something that I need to get use to. I hope to find a stone to do Dbty necklace.

  6. Very pretty! That looks like a great size to wear stacked or as a stand-alone piece. I love it!
  7. I love it! Perfect size, same as mine and it looks great on you! I love the two together, why not? :smile:
  8. It's beautiful, and I love it with the longer necklace, although it could also stand alone quite nicely.
  9. what do you mean filling?

  10. Opps!!! I guess my bad typo is a result looking at tpf at work. I meant to say "feeling". So sorry.
  11. Congrats on the new necklace. It is gorgeous!
  12. looks great paired with your other pendants!
  13. I am still getting used to wearing it 24/7! I am currently sleeping with it on but cant bear to shower with it!

    I do love it tho!! especially if I am not wearing anything else, still give a bit of sparkle :biggrin:

    I ordered the ippolita bracelet to match with it, so I will post you all a pic when it arrives!!
  14. i am glad I went for this size...I was orginally going to get a .26, and glad I did not. I already am experiencing shrinkage :shame:
  15. I think it is a perfect look!