Finally got a DBTY Necklace! (custom made)

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    Just picked it up today :smile: my husbands jeweler had it made with a .47 ct diamond in white goldand I am so in love!! It is on a 15.5 inch chain, I was unsure of the length but I think this is not too long or too short. Do you think it is okay to pair with my other pendant?
  2. whoa the pic is huge! sorry bout that I uploaded from my phone lol
  3. I love it, it's beautiful! Your other pendant is gorgeous too, they look great together. I really like the size you chose. Congrats and enjoy!
  4. Pretty! The two pendants look lovely together too.
  5. Very nice...just the right amount of bling and class!
  6. It's beautiful and they look great together.
  7. perfect! beyond gorgeous!
  8. so cute!
  9. this size is subtle and yet so bling!! great choice!!
  10. So cute and danty. I love it and it has been on my wishlist.
  11. Perfect size and perfect length!
  12. Both the pendants look great together and I think the chain length is just right too, congrats!
  13. Gorgeous! I think the two pendants look great together too.
  14. Does the tip of the diamond on the back pinch you? Do you feel any discomfort?
  15. Very nice! Enjoy your piece!