Finally! Got a call about the Berkeley!

  1. It's been a loooooong time, but the Berkeley is confirmed for a January 2nd launch in my city. I don't know if I want it anymore, but I guess it won't hurt to look. Has anyone else gotten a call?
  2. Can I ask what city called you? I'm curious about the berkeley myself...although even if I like it I think it's going on the back burner for awhile.
  3. Finally it's about time which one do they have for you ebene or azur?
  4. :nuts: gotta stop by a boutique tomorrow!!
  5. I would love to see the berkeley in Azur, oh well, we are usually months behind with LV releases here so more time to save funds.
  6. I'm dying to see it in Azur too. I wanted it in Ebene but I bought the Trevi so I crossed it off my list. I began to think that this bag was an urban myth. But in Azur this may be an interesting bag.
  7. lol..that's so funny, i was wondering if you got this bag yet..ahha..i was browsing through the catalog you sent me on the summer and it was your "dream bag" and I thought..I wonder if she got it yet. hahaha...good luck!
  8. Wow, finally these babies are being released.

    I can't wait to see them IRL.

    Thanks for sharing the info!
  9. I'd love to have the azur, can't wait to see them irl. Thanks for the update. Making a trip to the boutique tomorrow, maybe they have it already.
  10. oooh congrats! don't forget to post pix to share with us ;)
  11. lol......I won't believe it, until a pf member posts modeling pics, lol........
  12. I guess I know what I am doing after work on Wed.
  13. is it being released in the USA on WED?
  14. I called the Louis store in South Coast Plaza and yes it is being released Jan. 2 (they're not open the 1st), so off I go early on Wednesday~
  15. refresh my memory..Price?