finally got a baby paddy!

  1. i'm so excited, i've been wanting to get one in white or argent for a long time and was really bummed when i missed bellacherie's auction on eBay! i've been eyeing hgbags' mastic baby on eBay for awhile, trying to decide between it and a balenciaga vert d'eau first, but last night i finally decided i HAD to get the baby paddy! yay, i already have an ivory edith and an aubergine paddy clutch, and find on a regular basis that one is too big and the other too small for me... so i can't wait till it arrives :smile:
  2. congrats! im sure u will luv it!!
  3. Congrats!!! I am thinking of getting one from , just have to find one!
    How do you know when members are seeling their bags?
  4. ooh cant wait to see it!
  5. That was such a cute bag! Post pics when it arrives!
  6. Congrats! It is such a cute bag you will love it;)
  7. :yahoo:I just got a baby rouge paddy and I love her, she fits everthing I need and she feels soooo special. There is a picture of her on the Zimmer thread. Congrats you won't regret it.:tup:
  8. I know how painful it can be to miss out on a bag only to be overjoyed when you finally attain it! Ahhh, it's the joy of the hunt.
  9. Congrats--can't wait to see you modelling the bag!!
  10. thanks everyone! i'll be sure to post pix when she arrives!
  11. chloebagfreak, i think the only way to know when other members are selling their bags is if you're a member of marketplace! i bought the bag from hgbags on eBay, who i believe is also a member of tpf.. she's gotten quite a few positive reviews here and i'd previously watched one of her bags, so i frequently check back to see if she's listed anything new!

    i hope you get one too!! :smile:
  12. that's so gorgeous!! i think i need a red bag now too?? lol

  13. oh, so YOU'RE the one who stole hgbags' mastic baby right from under my nose! i was watching this bag too :crybaby:... but it's ok, i got lv_obsessed's muscade baby instead!:yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: can't wait to join the baby paddy club!
  14. Invenio!!!!! Congratulations on your mastic baby! I am so happy for you. It is a beautiful bag and you will LOVE sporting her around. Good for you! Definitely post pictures. YEAH for you!!!

  15. Hehehehe I'm so glad it's going to a PFer!

    Oooooh I saw hg's mastic, it was gorgeous :drool:.