Finally got a 35 Kelly! + action pics

  1. Ok after reading so much on this forum about how great the 35 Kelly was I finally decided I needed to get one. I hope it doesnt look like a briefcase on me but either way I love it! Its my favorite color, POTIRON. I have always been drawn to it and now I know why. My son took some action pics for me. I was just picking up my daughter from school so Im in jeans (as usual).

    She sure is a BIG girl!


    And for when I need my hands free, I can use the shoulder strap. Thats what I love about Kelly bags!

    (Im 5'9)
  2. oh you look so good!!!
  3. [​IMG]

    congrats, she looks perfect on you, a real vitamin injection of orange, you look absolutely stunning and beautiful
  4. gorgeous Luccibag. Congratulations.
    What colour Hardware does it have, I cant quite make it out on my screen. :upsidedown:
    I love the last pic of you, using it with the strap. It looks fantastic on you.
  5. It looks fabby on you!!
  6. it's beautiful! congratulations!!!!
  7. that is a gorgeous bag!!!! it looks so good on you!
  8. Thanks! It has silver hardware. The leather is Clemence. I cant believe I forgot to mention that.:yahoo:
  9. ^^Its all the excitement. LOL.
    Clemence is gorgeous.
    Your son takes good pics aswell (better than my DH)
  10. oh she looks wonderful on you lucci! i think it's a great size for you bc you carry her so well! congrats!!!
  11. WOW CONGRATS! :tup:

  12. It looks fantastic on you!!!! Congrats on a gorgeous kelly!
  13. Congrats... 35 cm looks great on you. Great colour...

  14. i love the color! you look gorgeous sweetie
  15. it looks perfect on you. it's a great size and the color is amazing.
    enjoy it.