FINALLY!!! Glorious choco Miu Miu Coffer is now MINE!!!

  1. It's been so long that I've wanted a leather Coffer, and finally broke down and bought one. I am in love with everything about this bag. I want more!!!

    Enjoy the pics taken in a variety of lighting. The leather is so soft and plush, the quilting out of this world. What an exquisite bag!:love:

    1CIMG1635.JPG 1CIMG1644.JPG 1CIMG1645.JPG 1CIMG1646.JPG 1CIMG1647.JPG
  2. And some modeling pics. As you see, the size is comparable to a Fendi Spy.

    1CIMG1649.JPG 1CIMG1650.JPG 1CIMG1652.JPG 1CIMG1664.JPG
  3. it's so pretty, congrats! love your spy, too. :biggrin:
  4. That bag is LOVE!!!! Congrats!!!
  5. Congratulations! What a gorgeous color brown!!! :yes: Enjoy!!!!
  6. That looks phenomenal on you!!! Congrats!!:yes:
  7. Thanks for the pics :p and congrats ! Gorgeous bag, love the brown color ! it looks fantastic on you !!! :yes:
  8. What luscious leather! :drool: So yummy looking...and such amazing stitching details even between the ruches! Congrats! :nuts: Your sandals look lovely too :rolleyes:
  9. Now you're making me want one! :push:
  10. Wowza!!!!
    I Want It!
  11. Congratulations! It looks just perfect on you!
  12. Wow Deco I see what you mean about this bag now it is stunning, love the twisted handles and the back of this bag is as good as the front, a lot of backs get forgotten about but not this one. I did not realise they were this big either which is brilliant as love big bags as you know its about the same size as a spy.
    The colour just oozes yummy chocolate. You look stunning wearing it.
  13. I thought I was over this bag and wanted a Dior instead but not anymore :drool:. The bag is gorgeus, congrats
  14. Thank you all for celebrating this bag with me. :tender:Saichyloo, the size is PERFECT.

    I have to admit, the day I carried this I was a pathetic Narcissus all day long. I could not stop staring at myself in the mirror, the drape and shape of this bag are so amazing, the hardware so rich, the color so yummy. And the leather is IMPOSSIBLY soft. It doesn't even feel like leather, it feels like mink! ACH! I love it too much!:sweatdrop:
  15. Deco- it is beautiful, congrats!