Finally given in and signed up to Weight Watchers online today - anyone need a buddy?

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  1. I like the tracking facility so far, and it's inspiring me to get back onto my exercise bike and "earn" some points back :lol:

    Does anyone else use the online version of this? How successful have you been?

    BTW: it suggests you set yourself small goals and then reward yourself when you meet them.... any suggestions for rewarding myself? (see I'm optimistic.... not even been on it a day and already thinking of rewards for goals!)
  2. I need a buddy!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:

    I have not used the online version, but I have been very successful wtih WW: I lost 60 lbs 8 years ago and have kept it off ever since :wlae:

    But I really really need to peel off another 10% :yes:

    As for rewards, how about treating yourself to a 50 min massage after you meet your first milestone? Maybe a facial after the second? and a Day at the Spa when you meet your full goal???
  3. I have been doing WW online for a while now. I love the online tools and go to meetings as well.
  4. Wow that's fantastic! What an achievement :tup:

    Well I'll keep posting my losses (hopefully!) each Monday, which is the day I've chosen for weighing, so feel free to join me in here :yes:

    I think when I get to my first target I'll go for a manicure. I've always done my own nails before now and fancy having someone do them professionally.
  5. Thank you :cutesy:

    I will do the same :wlae:

    Today is Day 1 then!!

  6. Day 1 it is..... and next week I'll hopefully be back with a loss to report ;)

    I'm going to try and break the habit of weighing myself every day, apparently it's not a good idea! :lol:
  7. I started WW meetings a little over a week ago but have free e-tools because I am doing the monthly pass. I do all of my tracking online and love it. Let's all be buddies!
  8. The more the merrier tanukiki :woohoo:
  9. Count me in! I did WW a few years ago and it worked great. Now that I'm not close to any meetings I can't seem to get back in the grove. I may try to find a couple of meetings closeby but I could definitely use some buddies. Maybe we could post our daily or weekly progress?
  10. I also had much success with WW. I was at my goal weight 4 years ago and stayed there for 2 years. Then, I was diagnosed with Grave's Disease. I have piled on 65 lbs in two years. So, I'm back at the WW online this time.

    I'm trying really hard, but with no "real" thyroid function, it will be a challenge for sure. I am on a prescription synthetic hormone that has yet to be regulated in two long years. So, we'll see.

    I would love to be buddies.
  11. LeeMiller - that would be great. hmwe46 and I are going to use Monday as our day, but if you pick another day we could have updates all week :yahoo:

    piperlu - Grave's disease sounds horrible, does it ever improve? You're very welcome to be a buddy too :flowers:
  12. ^^There is no cure for Grave's Disease. I am on synthroid for the rest of my life. However, I could have improvement if my medications could get regulated.

    Two years ago, when they discovered that my entire thyroid was diseased, I had radioactive iodine treatment. So basically, they nuked my thyroid and I have to take synthetic hormones daily for it.

    I'm hopeful that my meds will one day get straightened out. I have labs done every 3 to 4 weeks.

    I really want to get rid of these excess pounds and portion control really isn't my problem. I need to exercise. My motivation is low due to NO energy.
  13. That sounds horrible :sad: And expensive if you're in the US (I'm not sure).

    Did the doctor recommend any exercises you could do? I'm trying to think of some low impact stuff..... maybe exercise ball related?
  14. I need a buddy too! I'm starting this coming Monday. I need to lose 20 kgs (about 40 lbs). So count me in!!
  15. I've done ww a few times over the years. It always works for me, I just seem to revert to bad habits and gradually it goes back on. I last went in October, when I rejoined on Tuesday I've put on 9.5lb! I think I'd like to loose about 10lb. My challenge this time will be keeping it off. My class is on a Tuesday so I'll report back weekly. Good luck everyone!