Finally getting my Pirata Gioco

  1. I have been wanting a Pirata bag ever since I went to the signing and saw the prints in real life but thought Hawaii prices were just too expensive. Then by reading the forum, I heard about Pulse and called them. The person was able to locate a bag that had the characters I wanted at 15% off with free shipping to Hawaii so I took that as a sign to order. Still I was hesitant so I went to the store (45 minute drive) to see if they had a similar pattern and guess what? They were totally sold out of the Pirata Gioco and would not get anymore until next month so I took that as the second sign to order. Regardless I looked at the print to see if I liked the area described of my favorite characters. There were legs in that section but the octopus couple and the monkey pirate were so cute and my kids loved it so I took that as the third sign to buy the bag online. Plus hubby hardly ever says okay and this time he gave the go ahead so I took that as the final sign. So as soon as I got home I called Pulse and made my purchase before he changed his mind, lol. I am finally getting my Pirata bag. :yahoo:
  2. Good for you, Disney! I'm glad you're able to get what you want. Let us know when you get how you like it. I'll hopefully be getting my pirata gioco in a day or two.
  3. Blackwidow, you ordered the same exact bag, lol? How funny! I've been wanting the bag forever, I just had to see the print in person to make sure. Have ordered through Pulse before? This is my first time ordering so I found it unusual having to call in an order. I do like that they actually helped us find the characters we like best. In fact, she said the back had a really nice placement as well and she really liked it. Did you also ask for certain characters also?
  4. Yes, this was my first time ordering from Pulse. When she asked me what characters I wanted, I guess I was taken a back. I'm like uh I guess I like the mermaid and sharks. So she told me the same thing she found a bag with great print placement and the characters I wanted. So we'll see when I get it. She was very nice and helpful.
  5. Hooray!! Congratulations! Pics when you receive? :p
  6. nice! I just ordered something from pulse last week (2nd order from them) and it arrived super fast!
  7. How exciting!! I am waiting for my Pirata BV!
    We must all make a pact to post pics of our new Pirates! LOL

    Congrats Disney!
  8. i ordered my zucca from pulse on thursday and im hoping to get it today!! (I live in hawaii so I dont know how fast priority gets here!)

    Disney im so happy for you! You cant beat 15% off and free shipping to hawaii! Plus no tax!
  9. Congrats Disney!! Pulse is the way to go. I've ordered a few things from them and they are the best deal in town not to mention the most helpful!! I can't wait until you get your bag! :love:
  10. that makes me want to order one!! MAN! I just got my zucca in the mail yesterday!! Is there no end to the madness????
  11. Absolutely no end to the madness!!! Do you have anything in pirata?? :graucho: Perhaps you need a gioco in pirata...:graucho: