Finally getting my Marcie after years of yearning... (incl. possible reveal !)

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  1. Beautiful bag! Chloe Marcie is one of my all time favorites. Congrats!!
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  2. Woooooowwwww it´s amazing! the color is totally gorgeous personally is the color I LOVE on Marcie! Congrats! Enjoy so much! :biggrin: Great bag! And yes! I think is the medium size, I have one and looks the same, only it doesn't have the strap! Take care of your new baby! :heart::heart:
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  3. Thank you !!!! I fall in love with it all over again every time I look at it [emoji7][emoji7]. What color is yours ?
  4. We’re out enjoying the sun [emoji177][emoji177][emoji177] IMG_0214.jpg IMG_0215.jpg
  5. Gorgeous Marcie! Contests!!!

    I just got the new small size and that fits over the shoulder so it could be small. The new small is W30 H23 D9 and medium is W35 H24 D9 so they're similar.

    Either way, yours is beautiful and looks great on you :heart::heart:
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  7. Hello girls!:smile::smile: Someone knows about Marcie medium with out large strap??? , I've found one but with out the strap, years ago the design doesn't have it? I don't know nothing about this fact, if some of you could help me will be amazing! Thank you so much! :flowers:
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  8. I think I’ve read somewhere that a few years ago there was a medium version released that indeed didn’t have the strap
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  9. Thank you so much Frenchiie :flowers: , I'm going to research more, I still can't find anything, but I'm going to continue searching! Have a nice day! :angel:
  10. That's correct - the early versions of the regular medium did not have the crossbody strap. I'm not sure what year they added them but I think it was around 2012 or 2013.
  11. Hi everyone :smile:
    I am very interested by this bag.. And would like to ask about the handles.
    How do they wear?
    Are they delicate like Balenciaga bags handles for example?
    Many thanks!!
  12. How are you enjoying your small Marcie? I’m looking to get one in black.
  13. I’m so sorry I can’t believe I’m just seeing your question :sad: I’ve only had my Marcie for a few months but it was second hand and the handles wear beautifully you’d think the bag was brand new ! I’ve also done a lot of research before purchasing (I’ve wanted one for years so I had time lol) and everyone I read said that the Marcie is super sturdy and wears very very well for years [emoji173]️[emoji173]️[emoji173]️
  14. Hello and thanks for your message!
    I decided to get a Marcie satchel in grey at the end.. :smile:
    But I might get one like this as well - We never know ;)
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  15. I've read through this thread, possibly haphazardly....but did you mention what this color is called? Its very pretty!