Finally getting my Marcie after years of yearning... (incl. possible reveal !)

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  1. IMG_0022.jpg IMG_0023.jpg IMG_0025.jpg
  2. It’s amazing ! I absolutely looooooove it ! The lighting was impossible to manage but I tried to take pictures with different backgrounds so that you could see the color
  3. Congrats! That's a stunning color and I'm glad you're fully in love with it! Enjoy!!
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  4. Thank you !!!! I’m really over the moon ! I was only a bit surprised because I thought it would be “taller” ?
  5. I love the Marcie and yours is GORGEOUS!! Great choice—congratulations!
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  6. Thank you [emoji173]️[emoji173]️
  7. The Chloe Marcie was my first favorite designer bag and it still is. I love the style, the leather, everything about it. I’ve bought so many other designer bags but The Marcie is still my favorite and I love mine.
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  8. I have other designer bags too (though cheaper ones like Michael Kors, Lancel or Darel) but I think Chloe bags have a special way of talking to my heart [emoji173]️ Marcie is my absolute fav and I’m so happy I bought her but if I ever spend this kind of money on a bag again it will probably be for another Chloe there is no other brand that I like as much.
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  10. Are you sure, that yours is the medium size? Maybe it is the small size?
  11. yeah in the 2nd pic, it kinda looks like the small size.
    but either way still beautiful. enjoy your marcie frenchiie!
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  12. I don’t think so but here are pictures what do you think ? It was advertised as medium... (I’m 5’7 for reference) IMG_1522755813.490653.jpg IMG_0190.jpg IMG_0191.jpg
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  13. Wow! I want to look at the bag! please share us! I'm sure you are so in love whit Marcie:heart::heart::heart::heart:!
  14. It fits over your shoulder so I'm pretty sure that's the medium. I don't think the small one can do that. It's beautiful! Enjoy! (also I like your sink - I really want one like that someday!)
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  15. Thank you that’s what I thought about the bag [emoji4][emoji7] and thank you for the sink lol we remodeled the bathroom last summer and we really like it (sorry for the messiness though)
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