Finally getting my Marcie after years of yearning... (incl. possible reveal !)

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  1. Hello ladies I just wanted to share my absolute joy and excitement with you because I know you’ll understand ;)

    After years and years of dreaming of the Marcie bag, reading every single blog post and forum topic ever written about it and fantasizing I finally took the plunge and bought it pre loved last week. I should be getting it soon and I’m so so excited my heart actually beats faster when I think about it (please don’t judge me lol). Anyone with me in this ? Have you ever felt like me ;) ?
  2. Congratulations on getting your dream bag. Can’t wait to see the pics.
  3. Congratulations! You will love the Marcie!
  4. Thank you ! I can’t wait to receive it ! I’ll definitely post pics
  5. Ps should I invest in a waterproofing spray before I take her out ? The weather has been terrible here. If so do you have any recommendations ? Or anything I should know to care for her correctly ?
  6. Oh so exciting! I get extra excited for a premium bag purchase as it's a splurge for me.

    Which size did you get? I've been considering the Marcie Medium for a while now. I'm torn because it's a much larger bag than I usually carry - but I've been looking for a bigger bag to fit this niche in my collection.

    That said, I carry a lot of smallish cross body bags and the Hermes Evelyne TPM is about the same price and I'd likely get more day-to-day use. But the Marcie is such a beautiful, substantial, classic bag. Decisions, decisions.

    Enjoy and post mod shots!
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  7. Yes it is quite a splurge for me too even second hand so I’m really excited ! I got the medium. I’m actually a fan of large bags and I’m pretty curvy so I even contemplated getting te large one but even for me it was too much lol.

    I’ve looked up the Evelyn tpm it’s really cute too but indeed it is not the same type of bag at all :smile: I feel like the Marcie is more of a classic bag and if you already have a few small crossbody bags you might use it more because it’s different from what you already have ?

    I’m not unbiased though since I love the Marcie so much lol and I’m not a fan of super small bags they look weird on my body type (although they look bomb on smaller/slimmer women) and I have two small kids so I need to take the house with me anytime I go out [emoji56]
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  8. Soooo tracking says I should be getting my baby tomorrow so I’ll definitely post a reveal tomorrow if it’s here [emoji173]️
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  9. Congrats! Marcie bag is totally BEAUTIFUL! I'll be waiting the pictures of it! :biggrin:
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  10. Thank you I’m really excited ! I’m working tomorrow morning but I hope it’ll be waiting for me when I get home [emoji173]️
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  11. Aaaaaaaah the courrier did not leave it in the mailbox I have to go pick it up tomorrow [emoji24]
  12. I hate that!! This seems to happen with all my bags. My last one, I ended up having to track to a different post office after 4 days of waiting and calling and being told it's certainly out for delivery today. I hope today is the day!
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  13. It’s here !!! IMG_0019.jpg
  14. IMG_0020.jpg IMG_0021.jpg
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