Finally getting my first balenciaga bag after waiting for 7 years! Some questions....

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  1. Hey guys, my mother has agreed to buy me a balenciaga bag for my 21st birthday next month. I've waited soooo long for this but I'm totally clueless about some things so I'd really appreciate it if any of you can give me some advice! I'm thinking about getting it in anthracite giant 21.

    1) Should I get the anthra from the current 2012 season? Or previous seasons?
    2) Should I buy the bag straight from or look for other sellers? I live in Austin, TX and I don't think there are any balenciaga stores here sadly, so I wouldn't be able to pick out a bag myself.
    3) What is the best style for a first balenciaga? City/Velo/Town/PT etc.
    4) Is the GGH the same as the Giant 21? I heard that it's been discontinued is that true?

  2. Congratulations on your 21st birthday! What an exciting time in your life! I can help with a few questions:

    In Austin, look in Neiman Marcus at the Domain. There is an entire section of Balenciagas!!

    I my opinion the City is a good first Balenciaga. It is the classic Bal Bag! However, it depends on your needs and how you like to carry your bags. The City can't be carried cross-body as the strap is shorter. Defenitly take a trip to NM and try different styles.

    I prefer regular hardware as the others don't have the tassels. Again, just me, but part of my love for Balenciagas are the tassels... I know, I know silly... but I love the way those tassels look!

    Good luck with your decision. And post pictures when you get it.
  3. Thank you for letting me know about Neiman Marcus! I just ordered the anthracite GGH city on because I was too paranoid that it'll go out of stock but I'm definitely going to check out NM and see if there's any that I like more. I think I can return the online order for a full refund if I find something better.
  4. Congrats on your new Bal and on turning 21!
    I grew up in Austin and my parents still live there and I had no idea about Balenciaga in Neiman at the Domain!
    Good to know!!!

    Also, I think you made an excellent choice! You will have that bag forever!
  5. Congrats!
    GGH (Giant Gold Hardware) is very pretty and I'm sure that you will love it.
    The bag you will receive will be from the F/W 2011 though. It is their remaining left over stock.

    There are no Giant 21 in 2012 except for the limited edition Dark Violet GGH. They switched over the the smaller giant hardware called Giant 12 in the S/S 2012 production.
  6. Thank you! I just hope it'll live up to 7 years of expectations :P
  7. Yay! Thanks for letting me know, I'm even happier with my purchase now knowing that it'll be from the FW 11 collection. I heard that the leather is much better in the 2011s :3
  8. Congratulations on your bag and your birthday! I too decided to get a bal for my 21st bday! At the time I had wanted one for 5 years, so I totally understand how excited you must be :smile: IMO you will be completely happy with your purchase! In fact you'll prob join the world of bal addicts! I'm def I that club!! Congrats again!! :biggrin:

  9. You're right :smile:. 2011 has really good leather. I had a 2011 Anthracite GGH PT but sold it. It had some of the best leather I've ever seen on a bal....ever!!
  10. Thank you! I originally asked my mother for an iPhone 5 but decided to try my luck today and asked for a balenciaga instead. When she said yes I was estatic :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: Also the fact that is including a tiny first or tiny city for free with my purchase makes me even more excited to get the parcel :P
  11. Yay!! This is exciting!

    1. Anthra is a great choice. I personally would bet my Anthra from previous seasons as leather was much better, and I prefer G21 (giant hardware) which has been discontinued. So it would really depend on if you are willing to buy a preloved and if you love the G21.
    2. I have purchased all of my bals preloved and asked for lots of photos to see the quality. All my bags have been excellent, so it is hard to answer this question. Many others will say yes.
    3. The City is the standard style but also depends on how much you carry. The town is pretty small. I personally prefer the City and PT (a little larger then the City). You should look at some mod shots and see what you look you like best.
    4. GGH is giant gold hardware and is G21. G21 has been discontinued and GGH was discontinued a couple of years bag and replaced with RGGH (rose gold)...however now all G21 is gone. There have been limited edition bals that have come out in GGH.

    Hope that answers your questions and good luck in your search! Looking forward to a reveal :biggrin:.
  12. congratulation, i think you picked the right one :smile:
    and it's exciting to get a free tiny first/tiny city with your purchase!! that little thing alone costs a lot
    happy birthday and i'm pretty sure the bag will live up the 7 years expectation
  13. Congratulations on your bal! I wish I'd been this smart when I was younger to buy quality bags instead of the tons of crap I was buying at the time.

    How/why/do thy always include a tiny first or city with your purchase for free?
  14. Thank you for answering all my questions! I have ordered an anthracite city in GGH from since they were giving away a tiny city with purchase. Hopefully I'd be lucky enough to get a bag with good leather. It is so sad that they have discontinued the GGH, I probably won't be getting any more in the future apart from the limited editions with the giant 21 hardware :crybaby:
  15. Thank you!!! :love: