Finally gave in and got....

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  1. Went to Saks for lunch to go with a friend who wanted to get some makeup.. wandered into the Chanel store, chit chatted with my fave SA, then casually asked if they had any card holders. Ive been wanting one and waited almost a year to finally look at one, lol.

    And, so, i am finally joining the card holder's club! they had a LOT! but i picked....

  2. Let's see!
  3. Let's see it!!!!
  4. Cannot wait!
  5. :yahoo:
  6. taken with my phone so no awesome pics, lol.


    Much older styles! but i have always loved the old beige color. and im a sucker for anythign red...

    Price was $205/each..

    i wish i took pics of the others, but they ha a LOT! oh... and i was gonna choose the red shiny caviar, but my SA pulled out the display one they have had for 3 months, and boy it looked.... dull and just plain old abused!
  7. They are beautiful! Love the classic caviar! Congrats
  8. Very nice.
  9. Both colors are gorgeous, and they are in caviar! A great hunt!
  10. I dont know why i didnt just get a card holder when i first wanted one. I always DONT use my bigger or longer wallets, and just fold up what cash i have and stuff my cards in a coin purse. im happy i finally just got it coz i know i will use it daily!
  11. LOL! I'm the same way! I have a ton of wallets but tend to use my LV coin purse for my bills and cards. I use my Chanel card holders for my non-day to day cards! :nuts: Enjoy them!!!
  12. Congratulations! I love the old beige too! So you SA has more? Will you PM me your SA's contact info? Thanks!
  13. ^ sent you a PM, but the ones i got were the only ones she had that color wise.

    Thanks, ladies!! im so excited to use them and give my coin purse a break, lol.
  14. Wow... I really like them! Could you PM me your SA's info as well? I would really love to get one!

    Btw, what other colors did they have? Thanks in advance~
  15. Very cute! Congratulations!