Finally found true RM love with a pretty lil stone MAB!

Oct 24, 2006
After trying the Matinee and Steady, I finally bought a MAB and am thrilled to have found a style that is just perfect for me! It is perfect for both shoulder and arm/hand carry (my all time favorite way to carry my handbags) and is a touch larger than the Boston bag I had and loved. Satchels are my absolute favorite. Its really the perfect size since I tote around quite a bit with two little ones by my side all the time. :love: I love large day bags (even though it probably looks too big on me since I'm not very tall, lol) as they are perfect not only as a combo handbag/baby bag but also for travel and long days out.
The stone is the exact color and leather that I was looking for...a gorgeous pure cream/very pale tan that is neither yellow nor greyed. I wanted something light to pop against the darker tones that I usually wear...Stone is not as delicate as white but still feels fresh and its an elegant neutral. It will be great for all around use as I decide on an everyday black bag now (RM of course!).
The leather has just enough smoosh factor to satisfy. Despite the smoosh, its not a matte leather but rather the slightly glossy type that I adore. I love the bit of sheen and the fact that the tiny amount of glaze will help repell stains and damage a little better. I almost had a heart attack last night as I sprayed it with Apple Guard. It caused these horrible grey streaks and spots but thankfully it dried just fine and the leather is back to its perfect creamy tone. It actually looks even better since I sprayed it with the looks just the teeniest bit more glossy and I swear the leather feels even softer and more puddly. Love, love, love the RM stamped hardware classy and stylish.
Thank you for letting me share my new crush! :cloud9: I'm just so happy to have found a style and leather that I simply adore...I know the MAB is an older (but fabulous) style and the stone color isn't current but I just had to share with those who would appreciate my bliss! Eveyone else just thinks I'm crazy, lol...:shame:


Jun 2, 2008
she's gorgeous! that's really a beautiful color for all seasons in year!
congratulations!!!! doesn't her leather smell sooooooo sweet! :heart:
enjoy her & wear her OFTEN!! ;)


~Happy Tot~
Oct 18, 2006
Great Lakes
Gorgeous!!! This looks like the perfect neutral to wear with everything and the leather looks to die for! Congrats on your new bag!!!


Sep 1, 2006
May I ask where you found it? I am looking for either a stone MAB or stone Nikki.



Aug 19, 2008
I really love this color except I don't know whether they are still available anymore! MAM/MAB goes really fast and I have set my eyes on 3 color now they are all gone!:sad::cursing:
Oct 24, 2006
Thank you for all of the sweet comments! I'm totally loving this bag! :heart:
Oh and I found it on ebay...I've been stalking ebay for weeks now and missed out on this MAB when it was first listed. Thankfully, the girl who bought it relisted but she didn't do a BIN. I emailed her and told her I'd be willing to pay whatever her asking price was if she would close the auction out early for me. She kindly did so and I paid extra but it was well worth it for a hard to find color...this might even be a HG piece for me. :drool: The best part is that now I can get back to my life and stop checking ebay every hour! :P