Finally found this bag!!

  1. Finally found this bag, saw it in a Gucci shop last year, but had no money:sad: This time I was lucky!!:yahoo::yahoo:

  2. so envious!! I've been wanting this bag since forever~!!
  3. congrats. that's a beautiful bag.
  4. Congrats. Love that bag
  5. I wonder where did you purchase this bag from? I got one of its collections a few years ago...its chain looks abit awkard to me...well...perhaps just this pic:yes:
  6. Hi sweetierene, I did get this bag from eBay, but the chain is identical to other Gucci chains I've got. I agree it looks a bit odd in this photo, here it is compared to another one


    What do you think?, handbag chain is thicker than the other, but colour is identical (and much darker than the photos) Your response made me go and check this out, but I can't see anything that would indicate this is not the real deal, maybe you could post yours? Anyway, thanks for you interest, this is one of the reasons I love TPF, if somebody is unlucky enough to get a fake, another member will spot it pretty fast!:smile:
  7. Too cute for words!! Smoking hot!!
  8. LOVE the horsebit clutches...I have one in black python leather that I adore!! :love:

    Good luck with fingers are crossed for you! There are quite a few PFers who have this bag in the brown or black canvas, so hopefully one of them will come along and help out! Otherwise, you can always bring it to the Gucci boutique and get some help from a SA... :yes:
  9. Hi Sharbear, black python sounds TDF, would love another leather one! I actually took this bag into Gucci yesterday and it's 100% authentic, which I was pretty certain of in the first place, as I have a few of their bags. It's just that when somebody starts questioning it and you haven't bought it in the boutique, all of a sudden you start wondering...:rolleyes: Anyway, it's all good, brand new and beautiful! Have you got your python one posted anywhere?, would love to see..:smile:
  10. maggie, i have this bag in brown canvas. it is a beauty! congratulations on your purchase.
  11. Maggie - congratulations on your find! I also have an horsebit clutch and it's such a hot bag.
  12. This is a hot bag. Congrats!
  13. Oh congrats! I have been looking for a horsebit clutch forever!
    I hope it is authentic, I am not that familiar with Gucci to comment!
  14. congrats! i have this exact same clutch... it's perfect for a nice evening out, and i've always gotten compliments on it. very pretty!
  15. congrats! I got my sister a horsebit clutch and she loves it... I always wondered if I should've kept it for myself... *sigh*

    oh well - it's more important to me that she was uber happy. :biggrin: If only I could still track one down now - that'd be amazing!

    Congrats again! The black with silver hardware is SO pretty and very versatile!!