Finally found the PS1 medium in smoke in Amsterdam!

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  1. After stopping by 4 department stores and boutiques in Paris and not being able to locate the PS1 medium in smoke in any of the stores, I finally found it at Charly Ensuite in Amsterdam!

    Same price as in Paris for 1285 Euro with a 138 Euro tax refund.

    I will share reveal photos when I get back home in California!

    This smoke for some reason looked better than the one I saw at Liberty in London!

  2. Yay! :yahoo: Congrats, can't wait for the reveal pics!
  3. Congratz !!
    Do they have more proenza's there? Didn't know, I live in the Netherlands!
  4. Hi Chrissie82,

    Thanks! I was actually surprised by the amount of bags they have.
    In the US I've seen the PS bags in person at Nordstrom, a relatively upscale department store.
    In Paris most department stores (Le Printemps, La Bon Marche, Joseph, Colette) only carry the bags in selective colors (black, red, and smoke only in large size). Charly Ensuite in Amsterdam (near Vondelpark) actually have a few more colors although it's a pretty small boutique.
    I hope I have no problem processing the tax refund at the airport.

    One thing I didn't like about the bag is: when I untied the knot, I can see that part of the leather strap is a bit distressed and color is rubbing off a bit. I don't know why all the bags have to come with the tied knot. Don't most of us end up untying the knot? I do like the length of the strap though. I have a Mulberry alexa and I think the strap on alexa is a bit too long (I'm about 5'4~5'5).

  5. Thanks for your fast answer!! I need to take à look there when I have saved enough for my next bag;)
    Yes my bag also came with the knot. AMD I can see the leather stretched.
    I love the bag, Ans allthough I paid full amount for it, I dont think it is worth almost 1300 euro. But I have à weakness for it;) hope the bag will look good for à very long time!!
  6. any idea if the charly stock PS11 too? if you can recall?
  7. Hi Starshar

    Yes they have some PS11 as well.

    I kinda agree maybe it's not worth 1300 Euro either. It is the most expensive bag I have ever bought since Balenciaga city cost me about 1000 Euro while Alexa I bought in hong kong probably under USD 1200. The leather on PS is very soft but it is not as structured as the big name brands such as LV, Chloe and others.

    Can anyone comment if they like PS1 more than their other expensive bags?

    I like leather bags with no obvious logos and that is why I rather buy PS, Bal and Alexa instead of LV, Gucci type of bags.