finally found the perfect boy for me!


Dec 5, 2010
Thanks to everyone who gave me input about my original purchase, the black caviar boy w/ antique gold hardware. he was handsome, but he just wasn't the right fit for me or my closet. i decided to return him for this boy! a gray caviar w/ gold hardware. and this one is PERFECT! i love how he is a bit edgy yet still elegant. i even took pics of him with different items in my closet and he's a standout piece. the warm hardware juxtaposes beautifully against the cool tone gray. and depending on what i pair him with, he'll change from a cool gray to a warmer taupe. this is definitely a boy who knows how to adjust to my changing mood :smile: so happy! thanks for letting me share!

here are lots of pics of my boy w/ my wardrobe! sorry for the link, i couldn't do a direct post because i don't know how to resize my pics to make them fit TPF's size guideline.


Mar 19, 2012
It's beautiful!!! :cloud9:
I was real close to buying this one... Please post mod shots!!! :loveeyes:
Congrats!!! :woohoo: