Finally found the Large Tribule in quilted patent ...but what to do with my Medium??

  1. Hello ladies! I really need help with this one... So a few months ago when it was really hard to find the quilted patent croc tribute, I had a SA in NM hunt a large one down for me. However, she was only able to find the medium so I went ahead and bought the medium instead. So, I went along...still very happy with my purchase and it has become my favorite bag. Today, I went back to NM and saw that they had the large one in stock. My SA was there too and she was nice enough to offer that if I wanted to exchange my medium for the large (+$200 of course), she would do it for me....even though I had already had the bag for a few months.

    So should I exchange??? I like the size of the medium but the handles only fit over my shoulders when I'm wearing a thin tee or tanktop. The handles of the large fits much better with plenty of room to spare on the shoulders...however, the bag itself is substantially bigger than the the large makes the bag a bit more casual...while the medium is a bit dressier.

    I really hate to be so indecisive. Can anyone help?
  2. You are fortunate your sa will do the trade up despite owning the medium Tribute for a while. I say go for it!
  3. I'm pretty amazed that your SA is even willing to do that. I hope they wouldn't try to turn around and sell the bag as new to another customer if you made the exchange, but that certainly wouldn't be your problem since the SA is the one suggesting it. It will probably just be used for display purposes or something.

    Anyway, I love the Large and if I were you, I'd definitely want to trade up on the Medium, but you did mention it's become your favorite bag and I'm just wondering if any of that has to do with the size. Do you like it because it seems dressier than some of your other bags or because it's more of a handbag than a tote? If so, then you may want to stick with what you've got.

    But if it's become your favorite bag simply because of the style and quilted patent, then I say bigger is better and you're just getting more bag to love with the Large. And it is what you originally wanted, too, so if they'd had it available at the time, you'd have been using it for months by now and probably not questioning the size at all. So my answer is to go Large unless there's something specific about the Medium size that you'll really miss.
  4. I think I might miss the fact that I really wouldn't be able to bring the Large to let's say... happy hour? it's easy to weave in and out of a crowd with such a flat bag.

    hmm...i just went through all the tribute threads and celebrity pics and now leaning towards the Large. But my boyfriend thinks it super big on me. I still am undecided but must make my mind up soon. My SA can't hold the bag for too long.
  5. one thing i noticed also from revisiting the celeb pics is that the large looks great on Cameron Diaz and Jlo...I suppose because they're tal. But doesn't look as well on Christina Ricci...she seems more petite. I'm 5'4" i guess i'm in between. I would love it if YSL made a tribute size in between the large and the med.
  6. i've tried the large and always found it to be too long. the reason being that it is flat so it doesnt have any depth to it. my sa has said the bag will look better filled and this will make it look less long if that makes any sense.
  7. ^^^The large is definitely too big for taking to bars/dinner etc. Its more of a work/errands tote, IMO.
  8. ^^^ Agreed. I debated for a while on the medium/large issue, but I decided that most of my bag I currently own fall into the medium category.....I'm huge into carrying things on my arm, but some days I like the arm to shoulder option. My plum (which I'm picking up today) is the large. I'll be using it more for an all day bag. I could take it to nicer places, but if I was going out or getting dressed up, I'd pick a smaller bag or a clutch. I think both are lovely. The medium can go day to night, IMO, a little easier than the large.
    Keep what you love! It will all work out after that.
  9. i would say go for it!!!!!!!!!!!!! ur SA is sooooooooooooo nice to offer that!!!!!
    BTW...i have the large size too!!!
  10. I've actually had my Large out at night, when I've already been out during the day with it and am meeting up somewhere (happy hours, dinner, etc.), and it hasn't fared too badly even in crowded locations. I think the slim profile helps to keep it from being too unwieldy and it always looks sophisticated rather than casual to me (especially in the quilted patent). But if you were dressing up specifically to head out for the evening, then, no, it's not going to be the bag you choose to take with you.
  11. HI! I just wanted to update all of you. I took the plunge and exchaged to the Large today. It's HUGE! and i love it =) Even though I know I'll end up using it for a completely different purpuse than the medium, I'm still happy about my decision =) I figured, who would ever give me a chance like that again right?

    Thanks for all your input! I'm now waiting for my two tone (black/white) downtown in the mail. I'll post pics when it arrives...not until the end of the month though....
  12. Congrats ysl1983, enjoy your large Tribute! I've had mine since fall '07 but have yet to take her out for a spin(waiting to buy the matching wallet, heehee!).
  13. Congrats on finally getting the bag you love !!!!! pics??
  14. Congratulations on making a decision (sometimes that in itself is an achievement for me!) and bringing home the new bag. I think you'll be really happy with it and may be surprised at how comfortable you feel with it in various situations despite its size.