Finally found....(or your favorite H-discoveries)

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  1. Finding my Jungle Love cashmere GM shawl in the beige/natural colorway at Bergdorf's last weekend capped off a streak of good luck (thanks to some eagle-eyed and thoughtful TPFers) in finding my "grails." In addition to this shawl---which could not be found anywhere at Hermes in the U.S., I finally obtained my beloved red Turandot--in both plisse and regular (who would have thought?), the lantern cadena, a red CDC cuff and a noisette Axis Mundi scarf. I've attached a few pix--the cuff will be coming later this week

    The inexplicable joy in finding each of these led me to wonder what were some of your memorable Hermes findings that finally put the sad yet happy end to the hunt....
    CIMG2569.jpg CIMG2574.jpg CIMG2567.jpg CIMG2553_2.jpg
  2. OMG that is a beautiful scarf!!!!!!
  3. Beautiful Orchids!!!, the lantern is so sweet. Congratulations!!!
  4. Beautiful! Congrats!
  5. Gorgeous indeed. Is your Turandot collection now complete?
  6. Absolutely stunning and TDF! Congratulations!
  7. I think I just lost my breath on that Axis scarf!!!!

    My favorite finds were my Gastronomie scarf at NM...
    My husband finding the Poret Les Poulains scarf...

    and my BJ Kelly....
  8. Favorite finds? My croc Sac Mallette and La Selle Hermes collector's edition. The latter thanks to a tenacious SA. I actually did the happy dance with those two.
  9. Oh Orchids how wonderful for you!!
    I just found a lantern cadenas too.
    How lucky for us both!!
    Love everything else.
  10. I was thrilled when I scored the green Rencontre Oceane scarf, because it completed my collection (and it's my favourite colour!). I'll be EXTATIC (sp?) if I ever score a vert jasmin croc Kelly!
  11. Oh orchids, congrats! They are all lovely! The Jungle Love is especially beautiful. Love the muted colours, so classy.
  12. Conratulations Orchids! I can feel your joy.
  13. nice haul :graucho: now i understand what's so special about turandot in red -- it's spectacular!

    ps - curse you and your evil chocolate-covered cherries. :p it's the devil's candy, i tell you . . . .
  14. I'd have to say my "Reverie Pompeiienne" scarf was a surprise and a thrill and I did the happy dance for days afterward! My snail was a special find thank's to a good friend and the purchase of my Croc Kelly could only have been made possible by the kindness of a couple of great guys.

    These stand out but the truth is, for me, each purchase seems to have a lovely, little story behind it that makes the item that much more special!
  15. Congrats, Orchids...gorgeous finds!