Finally found my wedding w/ the ring!

  1. Thank you everyone who has helped me in my search of an eternity band! I've looked at many places...both online and in stores. Since the fiance voted against buying the wedding band online, (he says it's not romantic enough...haha, but I now know I where I can shop online for my anniversary band thanks to you ladies! :graucho: ), and he was in Las Vegas this weekend...he went ahead and got my wedding band from Harry Winston! :love: When we went into HW in Los Angeles before, I've noticed that this store has by far the best service I have ever experienced. Even though we weren't buying a big piece of jewelry, they were very attentive and helpful. The other reason we got it from them was because I love the look of a channel set with minimal metal covering the diamonds, and they do that so well. Oh, and their diamonds are soooo sparkley, even if they are small.

    Here are the pics...I wasn't suppoesed to wear it yet...but of course I had to take a pic of it to show you guys!!! Thanks again for all the advice!
    Wedding Band.JPG Wedding Set.JPG
  2. One word: GORGEOUS!
  3. it looks perfect with your e-ring. what a wonderful ring to look forward to wearing(i love diamonds). best of luck
  4. Lovely.
  5. HW on your finger! :nuts: :yahoo: You lucky lucky girl! It's going to be REALLY difficult not to wear that beauty before the wedding! I had to beg my DH to wear my wedding band before the wedding and he would only let me wear it around the house. Your rings (and your hands!) are gorgeous! Best wishes to both of you!!! :drinkup: (imagine that's champagne in those glasses - your wedding will be soooo much fun! everyone toasting to your good health & future!)
  6. It's beautiful!!!
  7. That is beautiful and looks great with your e-ring.
  8. Love it!!:yes: I am looking for pretty much the exact same ring for when my wedding! Beautiful! :love:
  9. Stunning! It looks very pretty with your e-ring. Congrats!
  10. :yahoo: Thanks for all the nice comments!!! I'm really excited about it too! At first I was afraid it might be too overpowering for my center stone, but I'm glad you guys seem to like it. Now I have to to wait until October to wear it....I don't know how i'm going to last! haha...

    bag happy, oh my gosh, you don't even know how many times I tried to ask the fiance if I can just wear it on my right hand............he just looks at me and rolls his eyes, like "oh gosh, what did I start here"....hahaha.
  11. Congratulations, it's gorgeous!
  12. I have every confidence in you that you'll wear him down!:graucho: We got our bands a couple months prior to our wedding in SF and I would sneak my ring out whenever I could :shame: I don't know if I could keep Harry in a drawer...that baby needs air!
  13. Wow!! I love HW!!! Gorgeous!
  14. Wow! :drool: That is to die for! If you don't mind me asking, how wide is it and what are the specs and approx. price? (You can PM me if you prefer.) I'm asking because I am still looking around for a wedding band! Thanks!
  15. :nuts: that is one knockout set (cartier and winston to boot!).:girlsigh: your hubs to be did a beautiful job!

    it is so hard to put it away...i bought my w-band before my e-ring even, i loved it so much. hubs finally had to take it to his parents house and hide it b/c i kept sneaking it out of the house on my finger. :shame: you poor thing! i could not keep that beautiful piece in a box for very long.