Finally Found My Perfect Blue Tano...

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  1. I only have one Tano--a Garnet Boogie Bucket--but have been looking at different Tano styles for awhile. I have a thing for blue bags but they have to be 'just right' for me, and this one fits the bill. LOVE the leather, it is ridiculously comfortable to carry and it helps me keep everything organized.

    I've enjoyed looking at everyone else's Tanos for so long; it was so fun to finally find the one for me. Wanna see it?:graucho:
  2. Yes!!!! Is it a squishy plush?!? Can't wait to see!!
  3. :popcorn:
  4., plush is pretty but it isn't plush....:graucho:
  5. Here it gorgeous new Two Parts Punk in Blueprint!

    The first photo, which I took in my car, is the most accurate in terms of color. The leather on this bag is AH-MAY-ZING. Seriously. And I love the zipper detail. The front pockets are very functional--perfect for keys and my phone.

    The middle zipper pocket is great because I can keep my wallet or other items secure when needed. I hate rummaging around looking for my wallet, so I'm glad to have this feature.

    And I admit to being a low fuss gal. As much as I love the look of a hand-carry satchel, it just isn't for me (and I've made this mistake a couple of times only to have to sell said bag later). I know this is one bag that's going to get a lot of use. It's a great year round color and it goes with everything. Super comfortable. Anyone who is considering this bag should make the jump. It is fabulous!

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  6. Oh wow it's gorgeous!!! Looks very comfy indeed! Great size too.
  7. That is SO gorgeous!! Love the zipper detail up front, and am a HUGE fan of separate compartments. Enjoy!!

  8. OMG!!! :faint:

    I absolutely adore this bag!!!!! Seriously it is like the one bag I would get on MHB site right now....

    I love that you have it and love it...and I love that it is BLUE!!

    Congrats Tejas and enjoy...

    Myself...I am headed to the mindful thread...
  9. Tejas, I really love your Two Parts Punk... great style, color and organiziation. Congratulations!:tup:
  10. Thank you, ladies! I love the zipper compartment in this bag and I love how comfortable it is to carry over my shoulder. My big test with bags now is, "Can I carry it and take all my kids out for the afternoon and NOT be annoyed by my bag?" If I hesitate at all, the bag has to go.
  11. Ahhh gorgeous!!! Congrats!!! :yahoo:
  12. Whoa Tejas that is really an awesome bag. Enjoy it in good health!! I liked it in the black but oh now I think I like the blue even better. tx for the pics.
  13. Thanks, Voo! I thought of you when it arrived. "I bet Voo would like this one!"
  14. That is really gorgeous Tejas! Hope it passes the out with the kids test!
  15. I love, love, love it. Must stay away from MHB. MUST STAY AWAY FROM MHB.