Finally found mine! My first cabat is here.

  1. After scrolling through the numerous cabat threads multiple times and searching for one that would work for me, I want to introduce you to my pre-loved Bottle Marcapunto medium cabat. All my checkboxes are checked:

    Versatile, all-year round color
    Durable and not too floppy material
    Not too heavy

    I got it at a fairly reasonable price. It had some discoloration on the handles, a faded corner and the leather was a little dry. I sent it to Modern Leather and I explained to them I could still return the bag within 30 days and that I wanted an honest evaluation from them. The gentleman from ML called back and told me he felt very confident that he could revitalize the faded handles with 95% matching color. I trusted him and asked for a spa + revitalization session and it came back yesterday looking PERFECT! Just perfect! They did a really good job. I can't even locate which corner was the one that has been worked on! It's $175 well spent! He was too humble when he told me he could do a 95% match.

    I also asked for his opinion of adding two ties on the sides since calf is a bit too stiff to be "trained" to the folded position. He said that would be another $100 and he could match the color of the ties to the bag BUT he said it's not reversible and if it were his bag he wouldn't do so because "there's no reason to do that to such a beautiful design." I trusted his judgment and decided not to add the ties. He suggested clipping one or two no-crease laundry clips to the sides to train them folding inwards. I'll try to add a picture of the training process later.

    Please join me to welcome my first cabat

    IMG_1491631602.797087.jpg IMG_1491631612.017905.jpg
  2. Is it the one from Yoogi's???
    Looks great, wear it in best of health! :tup:
  3. This is a beautiful green and was a cabat that I was eyeing as well - congrats in getting your first cabat :smile:
  4. A great investment.. You will love this cabat & enjoy!! Wear it well
  5. Congratulations! Great bag.
  6. Gorgeous choice!
  7. Oh it's just beautiful!
    I really like the color choice. Neutral and warm and chic. Perfect for SF. Definitely worth the wait!
  8. Oh this is amazing!!!! If I had seen this I would have snatched it up! Happy for you, sad for me
  9. Gorgeous color! I am a green lover too and this shade of green is my absolute favorite. Congrats on scoring it and it is wonderful that ML offered amazing service.
  10. Bottle is a great color
    Hope you enjoy it
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  11. I saw a preloved large Belly in Bottle listed for sale and wondered about how the actual color looks. I must say I really do like the richness of Bottle.
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  12. Enjoy your first cabat. I love the stitching detail. My large Nero crystal has the same stitching detail.
  13. Love the colour!
  14. Lovely cabat and what a gorgeous color... an elegant color for an elegant bag... enjoy!
  15. She's beautiful! Congratulations.
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