Finally found a pair of Gwenissimas today!!

  1. That link didnt work for me but I know those heels - they are fabulous! You are such a lucky girl! I KNOW you will absolutely love them!
  2. oooh let me post the piccies for ya to drool over ;)

    its a pleasure lol!!!

  3. You're right - I AM drooling over them now! - LOL
  4. Congrats!!!! They are stunning! Did you find them at NAP??
  5. Gwenissima's were on sale the last time I was at the downtown Soho boutique, in several colors -- something around $300.
  6. :yes:

    I keep checking the louboutin page every couple of days to see if any more have been added, or any returned, and checked at the right time as a 38 had just been put back into stock :smile:
  7. Those are sexy as all hell.
  8. Woohoo!!!!

    Hot Baby!!!
  9. Are you kidding me!? :nuts:
    Gwens for $300...oh my.. :wtf:
    They're so gorgeous, but I couldn't find any on NAP either. How much did you have to pay for them on NAP, chloe-babe, if you don't mind me asking?
    I would LOVE a pair of Gwens, and if I could get them for $300, even better! :graucho:
  10. Gorgeous!
  11. Hi Keya, I have to say, it may be different with you but Gwens, never ever go on sale in the UK :confused1: , more likely they sell out of every single size as soon as they come into stock.

    The price in pounds was 385 so thats about 750 dollars I guess.

    What size are you, I will defo keep my eyes out if any more come back into stock! :yes:
  12. AWWWWW!

    Now I feel bad that I passed up on the $300 Gwens at my CL!

    The only pair I was considering that they had (not the black leather ones) was the gray ones with the shiny platform. I think those are hott, but I don't think I can pull them off -- I just don't have the attitude.

    I'm due for a trip to the CL boutique on the 25th. I'll post here if I find any good deals. Plus, if you can't find something across the pond, drop me a line -- my SA's are GREAT at sneaking me a few of the hottest styles even with the long wait lists, which is how I got my grubby hands on Lovas, lace pigalles, decolletes, helmuts... I'll gladly take a peak for ya!
  13. I'm a size 38.
    The Gwens are such beauties.

    fatefullotus~I can't believe you passed on $300 Gwens either! :p
    They're so gorgeous, I love them!
  14. Gorgeous, chloe-babe! Yow!