Finally found a mauve city! A reveal and updated family pic

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  1. Hi all,

    Just wanted to share a picture of my new mauve city with rosegold hardware, which i was able to track thanks to a kind TPFer :smile:

    Here she is:


    And an updated family photo:


    Thanks for letting me share :smile:
  2. Great find! Congrats and enjoy!
  3. awesome!
  4. Mauve only came with either gold or silver mini giant hardware. Yours looks like gold. :smile: Beautiful combo because I have the same combo in the mini city!! Great choice dear! :smile:
  5. I am really confuse about the picture and i really wanted to know about the image that what is indicating about.
  6. Good to know :cool: thanks for letting me know, pinkelephant721! :smile:
  7. Yay! The colour is 💜💜💜! Congrats!!
  8. Gorgeous!! Congrats and thanks for sharing :smile:
  9. congratulation!!! it is really beautiful combination
  10. Thank you sambalsotong! It was really due to you that i was able to find it! :smile:)

    Thanks for the compliments jwessels, ismybagreal, sunbunny and seahorseinstripes! Can't wait to wear her out.. It's been raining cats and dogs in my area these past few days..
  11. Lovely color and family! Congrats!
  12. Beautiful bag
  13. You're most welcome! Enjoy your new baby! ; )