Finally! Found a Beater Bag!!

  1. I've been looking for ages for a really nice, rainy day, beater bag but being the label slob I've become, I HAD to have something designer. Problem is I didn't want to pay designer prices tags.

    Enter Bluefly, sales prices and free shipping.


    So, how did I do? Oh, I didn't cut the security tag off: there wasn't one! I need to call BF and let them know in case I change my mind, but I don't think I will. I'll get around to a model shot later. That little striptease for the H forum yesterday wiped me out!!:girlsigh:

  2. Beautiful!! I bought the Prada Nylon Crispy with the gold handles for the rainy weather and wore it the other day. The only thing that I didn't like about it is that the handles don't lie down when you use the messenger strap. It's actually very awkward with them staying in the "up" position. :s Other than's a great bag for inclement weather. :yes:
  3. No problem with that on this bag, Miu2. It's strictly a shoulder carry! :yahoo:
  4. Cool bag! Mind me asking if they have any more? :drool:
  5. ^^^The key to shopping at Bluefly is hitting the website early in the morning every day. Stuff gets put on the site by 7AM EST. I also check later in the day because so many times people put things in their cart and they'll pop back as available later in the day.

    Basically if you're looking for something on Bluefly you need to hit it daily and often! ;)
  6. Cute bag!!!Hope u keep it!
  7. I wouldn't call it a beater bag, it's a nice bag.
  8. Congrats- love the contemporary twist on the classic Prada nylon!
  9. Wow, PP, you got some serious purchasing lately! You have such a great taste and always picked up the best. Congratulation!!!
  10. Thanks guys! And it's definitely a keeper. Part of my job requires me to go in the high schools and do testing with groups of students. I wasn't too keen on taking my Kelly today because some of these schools can be so bad, you almost need a side arm of mace. Obviously the last thing I wanted to do was haul my new pride and joy. :wtf:

    I loaded this one up today and took it instead. I just LOVE IT! Not only is it roomy and easy to carry on the shoulder, it weighs next to nothing. It also goes into a nice smooshy mode after you take the tissue out and put your stuff in it. In the pic, it's still stuffed. I'll see if I can get a model shot when I get home this afternoon.

    My first Prada nylon. I'm very pleased!! :nuts:
  11. Beater Bag....gee. Less than a year ago a Beater Bag for me came from Wal Mart and was on sale for $6.00. My, how times change.

    It looks perfect.
  12. Love your new avatar, LSR. ;)
  13. The "Crispy" (why is it called that:confused1:, but then why are any bags called what they are...) Nylon in brown looks gorgeous, I wasn't overly fond of it in black, but this looks great. Perfect shape for carrying over your shoulder too.
  14. Love it!!!!!!!!!!! That color is great...Congrats!!

  15. I don't know where "crispy" came from either (and it sounds remotely disgusting to me!). It only says sacca on the authenticity card. And the brown really is beautiful! It's not very clear in the photo, but another nice touch is that the shoulder strap is patent. I'm not normally a patent bag gal, but this small touch is very nice.

    Actually this one will serve a dual purpose shortly: more back surgery is a given in my immediate future, so weighing next to nothing is a huge plus when you have to deal with that. :push: