Finally Found A Bag At The Outlet

  1. KathyRose you never told me how great the Hagerstown outlet was not crowded at all. Which I love, I don't have to feel rushed looking at something b/c someone is lurking behind me waiting for me to move. Well I first went to the Leesburg outlet & found absolutely nothing so, I made my expedition to Hagerstown...we passed the exit (Doh!) even though you can see the mall from the exit. I got the address off of & printed out mapquest directions & it took me to Valley Mall on Massey. I was like great so we had a heck of a time finding our way back on to the highway going the right direction.
    But it was so worth it. Here's my goodies I brought home w/ me. The 2 pics are just showing the different ways I was tying my scarf onto my bag.
    2006_1008Image0001.jpg 2006_1008Image0002.jpg
  2. Nice, enjoy it! Glad your visit was successful.
  3. Love the bag and the scarf! Enjoy
  4. Congrats!
  5. i KNEW i forgot to buy something at the outlet! a scarf!
    yours is too cute!
  6. Sooooo cute! :smile:

    LOVE IT! :love:

    What size scarf is that one?
  7. GORGEOUS! We are scarf twins. :biggrin: I love them both!
  8. Great bag!
  9. The scarf I believe is 21"x21". The SAs at the Fair Oaks Store said that the silk scarfs aren't meant for bags & they are harder to put on them but I think it's the opposite it looks much better then my other scarf that isn't silk (I forgot what material it is). I got the last of both. :yahoo:
  10. Absolutely love your new bag and scarf, Pursefanatic!Enjoy!:yes:
  11. Its beautiful! I saw the same bag at Bloomindales NY Broadway a month ago, i wanted to buy but i didn't have money on me. I waited for a week and went back, but sadly it was gone >.<. I'm regretting so much that why i didn't borrow money from my mom!!!! But congrat with your bag =D
  12. i have that bag but with the white trim! i love it! i got it at Nordstroms earlier this year. may i ask how much you got it for? i'm just curious how much cheaper it was at the outlets.
  13. YAY! You got that one! Did you get the last one? BF and I were looking and that was the only bag that caught my eye but I didn't love it and neither did BF so I passed on it! Congrats! It's a great bag and it's the one bag I would've gotten if I had to pick one that's there!
  14. great bag and scarf! congrats!
  15. I got it for $188.00 which seemed pretty good to me. LOL