Finally figured out what to buy

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  1. Thanks for all of your suggestions. I went to the Americana Manhasset today and my mom bought me the LV Papillon 30! Yay! It's so me, I love it. And the little baby Papillon it comes with is so cute! I also went to the Coach store and didn't buy anything, but I think my mom is going to force me to buy one of the new Scribble totes because she thinks it's a good price:P.

  2. Congrats on your new LV!
  3. Congrats Tracey! It's always exciting to get a bag, muchmore your first LV! Oddly, these bags have a way of multiplying in your closet too! How exciting!!!
  4. Yeah, it's my first useful LV. I already had the Pochette Accessoires, but that's not really much of a bag, so it doesn't fully count as a first. I think I'll consider the Papillon to my first. :biggrin: . My mom says no more LV for a while, but I'm hoping to get at least one more during the year (even if I can't get another LV, my mom pretty much lets me get as many Coach bags as I want for some reason). So there will definitely be multiplication of some sort going on (yay for bag collecting!)

  5. Congratz on your first "real" piece. hehe LV is like drugs, just one and you're hooked. lol I love the papillon but don't have. One question, does it have a cell pocket? Or is that what the little pap is for? =)
  6. Sadly, the Papillon has ZERO pockets. It's just a round, brown cavern of empty space with a ring to clip things (like the little pap) to. I just went to see if my cell phone would fit in the mini pap, and it does, but some phones (like wide ones) might not fit into it. Plus, it might be a bit annoying to have to unzip your bag, find the mini pap, unzip the mini pap, and take out your phone (would probably be an amusing thing to see though...reminds me of those toy people that have smaller toy people inside them as you open them up). It probably wouldn't be too hard to find your phone if you just had it loose in the bag. The bag isn't that wide or deep, so you could probably find your phone by sweeping your hand from one end of the bag to the other.
  7. Congrats!!! I love the papillon shape!! They're so cute.
  8. That's not bad. Sometimes, it's quicker to just get your phone out of the bag in general. LOL That doll anology made me laugh.
  9. Congrats on your new LV!!!! Enjoy it!!! I too was at Americana Manhasset today for the very first time!!! What a find that place is!!! My husband bought me a ball bag at Bottega Veneta!!! Yippee!!!
  10. Yay! I made you laugh, that's cool:biggrin: