Finally figured it out! SHIRISE Shipping rate!

  1. So Debbie called me back and basically she said that my $45 shipping was an error, and that shipping is supposed to be $28.50 due to new insurance requirements. She said somebody lost their bag when it was shipped to them (which sucks by the way). so their shipping rate has changed. AND she said that for the people who were charged $19, it was a mistake, and they will be recharged an additional $9.50 to make up the difference.


    I say that they should give ALL PURSE FORUM members FREE SHIPPING!!!! I mean, we clean house for them all the time right!!!!!!!:shocked:
  2. totally agree, so bummed i missed out on this sale.
  3. Eeek! I had to pay $50 to Canada.....but it was still worth it & well below retail :smile:
  4. TRUE, definitely well below retail, but I'm greedy to get as much of a discount as I can. I rather pay NOTHING for shipping anyday!

    BTW, I am sooo happy to be a PF member. Somehow I feel like it gives me so much power to negotiate. HAHA
  5. ooo thanks for finding out this shipping rate things.... they also charge me 28.5 for the shipping rate... ooo my.. can't wait to get my new bag...
  6. I don't think free shipping will happen. Sorry!!!! If they did it for PF people, they would have to do it for all their customers.

    Anyway, you guys lucked out. Those of us here in Illinois still have to pay tax. Yuck!
  7. ^^ very true! But still can't beat 50% off!
  8. I HATE TAX! I feel for you chigirl.....

    consider the free shipping thing wishful thinking!
  9. I am not complaining. Tax doesn't bother me either. The fact is that even if they don't charge the sales tax, you are still required to pay the use tax... though I know no one does it.
  10. ^^ really can't complain about anything if we can get deal of the year. 50% off for bbags.....
  11. true true true. sorry, I'll stop complaining! =D can't wait to get my bags.
  12. Shoot, I'd be willing to pay that shipping price if I got my hands on a discounted Balenciaga!! :sad: I guess it's just not in my destiny!