*Finally* Ending 2006 with a bang! Vermillion City


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Jan 26, 2006
Hi all. So after all these months of lurking, then posting general comments, getting into good conversation with you gerls...I'm finally posting my bag intro thread :yes: .. Here's my S/S 07 Vermillion City from Bal boutique, Spore. It was love at first sight :heart: !

The boutique mgr sms'd me & my fren to inform us tt the red bag has come in (she was kind enuff to put us at the top of the list!!!). So we went during lunchbreak the next day on the 28th. I was actually also waiting for the marine but, it has not arrived yet. What the heck...we went & I was determined to buy.
I was not dissapointed :love: .... a nice shade of red... with orangey tones. One of the bags has more orange tones tho. The leather is thick & smooshy with nice veingings. Apparently there are only 3 pieces of the vermillion in spore. The other two bags were passed on by the other customers...ekekekekeke. I'll try to post better/more pics of my bag but I've already posted me wearing it at the 'wearing bbags' thread....

There was a vert (??? the lighter green) weekender, a cafe day in giant h/w and a vert gazon (grass green) first....So happy to share this with you lovely ladies!!!!:wlae: Thank you ALL.


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