Finally Decided....


May 9, 2007
So I had been considering the Cabas Mezzo or the Saleya MM for a travel carry-on and finally decided on the Hampstead GM after all the good info and feedback I received on this forum! My sweet hubby bought it and the Damier Salsa LS for my birthday. I thought I would only want a zippered bag but the Hampstead closes nicely, has 2 big zippered compartments inside and it can hold way more than CM or SMM without being too huge. It's also big enough to use as a gym bag. The Salsa is just big enough but not too small to hold my big wallet. It will hold my long french style wallet, cell phone, BIG sunglass case, cosmetics, camera and big key chain. Amazing, the vertical shape really makes sense and the space is well utilized.

My next piece will be the Pegase 60 and since I prefer that in the Damier style, everything will look great together.

Thanks for all the advice along the way!