Finally decided to post pictures of my Coach collection

  1. I was rearranging the Coach boxes in my closet after I bought the Signature Cotton Shoulder bag as my PCE purchase this weekend and I figured I would take pictures of my collection.

    I don't have tons of bags because I am REALLY picky when it comes to bags, but I love the ones I do have.

    The bags:
    DSCN5288.JPG DSCN5293.JPG
  2. The accessories:
    DSCN5312.JPG DSCN5317.JPG DSCN5319.JPG
  3. Very nice collection! I love the Bordeaux suede - it's such a rich color. :yes:
  4. great stuff! I love your metallic wristlet.

    thanks for sharing!!!
  5. Thank you. I loved that bag when I saw it last year. I carried it forever!!

    court811 Believe it or not that's actually a mini skinny. They had it at the outlets in gold and pink metallic for only $15 back in September I think it was.
  6. LOVE your lilac bag (my fav color)! Nice collection!
  7. Nice collection. :tup: You have some nice rare bags there. :graucho:
  8. very nice collection!
  9. Nice bags! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Love your red bag. Great collection!
  11. beautiful! what's the bag with the fur trim?
  12. Nice collection - you have good taste! I have that metallic mini too and it holds my Nano perfectly.
  13. The tag says its a Quilt C Hobo. The No. is 9443 GM/BK. I know it's from the fall 2005 collection. I bought it dec '06 at the outlet in Orlando.
  14. Nice collection!!!
  15. OMG!!! I am totally in :heart: with that bordeaux suede hobo!
    When is that from? Do you think it is still being sold?

    I so have got to get one of those. The color is AMAZING! Maroon is my favorite color! YAY! :tup: