FINALLY decided on a Birthday gift...

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  1. My parents wanted to buy me something special for my 40th birthday. After purchasing 2 different DY rings and not loving either one, I decided to go for the Cartier. So here she is. My new Trinity ring. I got the small size as I want to wear it on my left hand and don't want it to take away from my ER. It also fits on several fingers of my right hand. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this ring!!! ImageUploadedByPurseForum1396282765.880977.jpg
  2. Beautiful and I love the small one!!!
  3. Beautiful! :smile:
  4. Gorgeous and Happy Birthday :smile: x
  5. Stunning! Happy Birthday!
  6. Love me some Cartier! Just perfect!
  7. Lovely. I was trying to focus on Cartier but your ER took all my attention :biggrin:
  8. Happy birthday and congratulations! It's a great choice - a classic and elegant ring you'll be wearing for a long time. I have the exact same one and haven't taken if off for almost 2 years.
  9. Thank you! It really is a gorgeous ring. I will mostly wear it on my left hand, but I am already looking for fun ways to stack it when I where it on my right hand :smile:
  10. Pretty! I have the micro size (the smallest one) and love it.
  11. Beautiful! I have a very old version of this and would love to replace it at some point with a new one - yours looks so pretty and shiny! Love your e-ring too :smile: