Finally decided, my Spy bag is my favourite.

  1. Yes.
    It's official.
    I hadn't prepared a speech, but...

    I've never wanted to say "You dear, you are my favourite..." but over the last few months it's become apparent. My Spy is my favourite bag.
    My Chloe, Balenciaga, YSL, Dior, and LV have all lost out to her. Although I do use the other bags equally as often, I prefer the spy to the others.
    And so does the PHH :rolleyes:

    Once the snow goes and the light is back to normal and not so bluey harsh I can get some better photos.
    spy00.jpg spy7.jpg spy6.jpg spy2.jpg
  2. more photo's :drool:
    drooling over something you have owned for a long time is a sure sign of insanity.
    spybacknoflash.jpg spycloseupnoflash.jpg spynoflash.jpg spynofcl.jpg
  3. But the plus side is, you still love love love it after all this time - a true sign of a fab bag!!! :graucho:
  4. You have a yummy Spy winona!! :drool::drool: I can see why she is your favourite bag!! My spies are definitely high on my most worn bags balenciagas are always at the top normally, but my Spies have been irresistible this winter!! They are so hugable and luxurious, I know I feel special whenever I wear mine:heart::heart:
  5. My Spies are my favourite too!
  6. Their is no other bag that comes close to the spy
  7. and Saich as Spy Queen then you of all people are qualified to say so!!!
  8. I am being sucked into the Spy world. It has taken a long time, but I am finally loving them :smile:
  9. :roflmfao:

    If that's any indication, we'd all be in trouble here! I prefer to think of it as having timeless taste! *big grin* I mean, afterall, I choose (not own, ahem!) my BF a while ago and still think, "Damn! I have good taste!" teehee :graucho: :roflmfao:
  10. feel free to add photo's!! DROOOL!!!
  11. Oh, BTW, my honey spy is my very favorite bag. SHHHHHH! Don't tell the other bags!
  12. Your Spy is beautiful, Winona!:love: I can definitely understand why it's your favourite!
  13. I definitely feel what you're saying, winona! I do feel pretty special when I carry my spy around. It's one of those bags that you have to carry around to appreciate ... some people are put off by the design but it's one of those bags that gets more and more beautiful the more you look at it.:love:
  14. thanks HBAF and Marie!!

    I knew this bag was the one when my husband said... "So, hypothetically of course, say you can only keep one of your bags..."
    And I yelped "THE SPY!"
    and he replied, "ME TOO!!"
  15. I'm with you, Winona. Saich actually asked me recently if my love for Balenciagas had eclipsed my love for Spys. And Saich will vouch that I responded that I still love Spys more! I don't buy as many and couldn't afford to anyway, but Spy is still #1 with me. I don't have anything that comes close to the loveliness of my Petrol Spy. :love: Saich posed a hypothetical question, if I could only have one "must have" bag, would I choose a Spy or Balenciaga. I said I'd chose 1 Spy over 2 Balenciagas!