Finally decided!!! my new Legacy shoulder bag! pics!!

  1. update from previous thread.....I was "originally" deciding between a Legacy shoulder flap and Chelsea satchel....BUT...this one came home with me! This is my first Legacy bag AND first leather. I'm lovin' it! I love the color but I'm worried about it showing dirt. :hrmm: Anyone with a Camel bag? Advice? Thanks for looking!!! :tup:
    DSCN2519.jpg DSCN2520.jpg DSCN2525.jpg DSCN2526.jpg
  2. Oh my God I love it!!! Gorgeous bag, congrats!!
  3. I saw this in the store last week and was ga-ga for it! It's gorgeous!!! Enjoy!
  4. Cute modeling pics, thanks for sharing and congrats!
  5. CUTE!:tup:
  6. Beautiful bag!! I love it in camel. & it looks great on you! Congrats!
  7. LOVE IT!!!! Congrats!!!
  8. awww....thank you! :smile:
  9. I have a camel Shoulder Flap, I applied Apple Leather Conditioner to her before I used her, to protect from dirt, oil, water spots etc., I have done this to all my leather Ali's. Congratulations it's not only a pretty bag, it is a beautiful color!
  10. Thank you! I'll try the Apple conditioner. It is a light color so I can see dirt/stains showing easily not to mention water marks.....I haven't had Miss Legacy but less than 12 hours and my bulldog walks up to the coffee table where she was and gives her a lick! grrrrr....thank goodess it was a dry lick. No mark left behind! LOL!! Guess she was giving me her approval.:rolleyes: Gotta get some Apple!
  11. mommyville??? here's your pics you wanted! :yes:
  12. Beautiful bag!
  13. I'm here...I'm here..just got back from the gym!!! YOUR BAG IS GORGEOUS!!!!! I was wondering last night when you were going to post pics! I LOVE the's just PERFECT on you...GREAT choice!!!! I'm so excited for you...this is MY kind of bag!!!!! :tup: ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!!
  14. I love the camel.:heart:
  15. :roflmfao: Isnt that ALWAYS the way??? But, think about it THIS way...I had my camel leather duffle ONE daughter was 3 at the time...I left it on the floor of my dining room (room next to my entry way) and after dinner I noticed it had some BROWN on beautiful daughter decided to "finger paint chocolate" on it!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHHHH.....I wanted to pass out..literally!!! BUT it came out w/ COACH moisturizer (I didnt know about Apple Conditionr at that time!!!!) Can you imagine that???? YOU were lucky you dog LICKED daughter FINGERPAINTED it!!!! It was NOT a pretty sight!!! I can laugh about it NOW as it is 2 years later though!!!!!