FINALLY! Damier iPod Case!

  1. ^ yay! about time i say! thanks for posting!
  2. regular ipod, or mini or nano or what?
  3. cute! i like it!
  4. I was all excited hoping it would be for the Widescreen, but in the pics it looks like it's meant for a Nano. :crybaby:
  5. It's for Widescreen, John. The nano only has one snap on it. It's exactly the same as the mono iPod one.

    I hope there is one available for the nano as well. Otherwise I guess it's time for a new iPod!
  6. That would be amazing! Thanks for the information.
  7. oooh- loves it so much more than mono!
  8. ahh! I LOVE it!
  9. wow! that looks awesome, can't wait to see this one :yes:
  10. Really???!?!?!?!?! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :nuts: It better come out soon... I haven't taken my iPod out of my Mono Canvas one since I got it! It needs a rest. :sleepy:
  11. So does this mean I need TWO cases? Oooh I would love an Azur one!
  12. Oh...I didn't notice its for widescreen. I saw one at my store last week, didn't ask to look at ipod video has been sitting neglected since I got the pink ipod shuffle:sweatdrop:
  13. Okay, time to spice up my ipod.
  14. Azur Ipod case... :drool: