Finally has been updated.

  1. scarf print, new sig stripe, pastel patchwork all now have prices - weeeee gotta go
  2. I just got an e-mail from them this morning. The new signature stripe bags are very nice. Get them before they go to the store on Monday. :yahoo:I was surprised how nice they where. Too bad I ordered a MJ this morning before I got that e-mail, I could have saved 200, oh well, I finally got my MJ.
  3. OMG I saw this too! I have been drooling all morning!!!!! I MUST get in to my Coach store to see these things in person! Watch out little debit I come~!~

    And :dothewave: Hello!!! To another Colorado girl on here!!!!
  4. I'm LOVING all the pink sig stripes!!
  5. me to I REGRET selling mine lol:heart:
  6. yayyy I checked last night butI'll check again now!!
  7. hey there DenverJenny - I am fairly new to Colorado - but have quickly become familliar with Castle Rock Outlet :tup: I am hoping lots of new stuff comes in there as the new items get to the boutiques. BTW - I got my email alert from Coach at close to noon today - thats way too long a delay:nogood:
    Trying to be good for at least one more week:police:
  8. I was just in the Coach store yesterday asking about the sig stripe tote. They didn't have them out yet but the SA got them out of the back and showed them to me (I had just been in the store on Monday buying a Carly) and I fell in love. I have always loved this bag but it didn't seem big enough for me but the new ones are a tad bigger. So after lusting after them I bought one! Yeah they let me buy one!! I will have to take pics!!! Two Coaches for me in one week, BAD GIRL!!!