Finally...Closure on a Toki Ebay Auction Gone Bad!

  1. I'm sure many of you remember me venting about an eBay auction that went sour about 4 months ago over a Toki-uchiwa. Paypal FINALLY fixed it after a bunch of emails, faxes, phone calls, and a load of grief!


    Here is a recap. I bought a tokidoki uchiwa off of eBay in May and it was listed as "new". When I received the uchiwa, it arrived in a gift box that was smashed in the mail and the uchiwa had a really ugly water stain. My emails went unanswered by the seller at first, they refused to refund, and they left me retaliatory negative feedback so I filed an "item not as described" claim with paypal.

    It took paypal about a month to review my case and I was to return the uchiwa to the seller for a refund. I mailed the uchiwa back to the seller and it sat in the Kapolei post office for 2 months unclaimed before the postmaster returned it to the sender (me).

    After phone calls, faxes and more emails to paypal, they finally refunded me my $19.50. I don't know where the uchiwa is, it's probably on the slow boat back from Hawaii. I don't care at this point, I don't want that nasty fan back anyway after all the grief it caused me.

    What I learned from this is that feedback doesn't always indicate a great seller because this seller had no previous negative feedback. I still buy a lot of things off of eBay and I usually have really great shopping experiences. I hope this was a fluke!
  2. And negative feedback might not always be true either, because it seems these days that if you leave negative feedback for the seller, they leave it for you just in retaliation. Back in the old days, the sellers left feedback for the buyers first. I feel it should be that way again. Because as soon as you've paid, you've honored your end of the bargain. But now, most sellers won't leave feedback until you've left it. Oh well.

    I'm glad you got your money back.
  3. I agree! I did a BIN and paid right away. It was a slap in the face to get retaliatory negative feedback when I did nothing wrong. So I got stuck with a messed up uchiwa and a negative feedback! I was so upset:cursing: Everything is okay now, but what a fiasco!

    On the other hand, I can see why sellers wait to leave feedback because some buyers can be crooked to. There's just a lot of dishonest people out there =(
  4. I hate retaliation feedback... I have one neutral FB on eBay because I bought a poster once that got messed up because of the way it was packaged. I left a neutral feedback on the buyer's page stating this - and he left one on mine that simply said "sorry your item got messed up by the post"~ How rude D: I paid right on time, too. If it weren't for that one neutral it'd be all positives.
  5. Glad things finally(!) worked out for you. I also have 1 retaliation-negative feedback on eBay (from a non-paying, totally non-responsive bidder who is no longer a registered user) and it really irks me.
  6. True. I guess I just don't think of it from that perspective since I know *I'm* an honest buyer.
  7. I'm glad things worked out for you, although that was a lot of headache :/ hopefully that seller doesn't try to re-sell that fan.
  8. I'm happy that you got your money back.. It does suck you had to wait for so long...
    And I have 2 neutrals in my feedback. Both unfair. The first was I bought something online and I never received it. The seller shipped or so she said but had no proof. I filed a claim with paypal and got my money back and she left ME a neutral for it. Even though I paid the same day. And then the second was I sold a toy to someone from Italy. They had Zero feedback and paid USA shipping not overseas. I thought I would do a nice thing and paid an extra $10 out of my own money to ship the item. Because it was going to Italy it took awhile to get there. And then buyer leaves ME a neutral because it took longer then what he wanted. I always ship within a couple of days of an item sold. I admit that the last item I sold took awhile for me to ship it but that's because of my hurt ankle. But that's it.... The ebay feedback system is really unfair...:yucky:
  9. Oh, man, I remember this situation from waaay before! *lol* I'm glad it finally got resolved and you got your money back!!
  10. yay!! I'm glad you got your money back. It took a while but it had a happy ending!!
  11. Glad you got your money back!

    And just a little response to the other opinions just because I like talking right now :smile: hehe. As a buyer and seller I kind of disagree with a lot of people thinking badly of neutral feedback and waiting to leave feedback. Personally I've left neutrals before since I wasn't happy about something going wrong BUT I wasn't upset the point where it really made a difference. Neutrals say just that. Your experience was neutral. You don't want to ding the person's rep but you still don't want to deal with them personally because of a misunderstanding or something.

    I wait to give feedback to my buyers because a lot of people have lame attitudes and will give you negatives/neutrals just for it arriving late because of the post office and/or their late payment which I've had people complain to me about. Plus a lot of time people don't bother leaving you feedback unless they haven't received feedback and by keeping it open... if they're not satisfied they'll most likely contact me before leaving feedback since I can do the "retaliating" ;) because I'll work things out IF they contact me which I haven't had thus far anyways :shrugs: but IMHO buyers are harder to deal with than sellers
  12. Yep, completely agree with you.:yes:

    The last bad experience I had where I received a negative feedback months ago was when I sold a Region 2 PSP game that I CLEARLY stated in the auction description (& the actual title of the auction) would not work on a USA/North American PSP system. The buyer emails me complaining it doesn't work on his system and wants his money back. He paid a whopping $1.99 for the movie and wanted me to reimburse his shipping both ways to return the movie to him. He gave me a negative & called me a thief because he couldn't/didn't take the time to understand what he was buying. I mean I put that disclosure in freaking capital letters and he still didn't read it. eBay is full of idiots and mean-spirited people. So now I don't leave any feedback until I hear back from the buyer and know that they are happy.
  13. So happy that you got your money back! FB on eBay is totally voluntary but there are people who neg each other for not leaving one. Retaliatory FB is common and that's the reason why many buyers prefer to keep mum about their negative experience.
  14. Thanks for all the support everybody =)

    I have kept quiet about mediocre experiences on ebay before like REALLY slow shipping. Once the seller didn't send the item at all and I forgot about the auction until a month later. She refunded me completely so everything was fine, but I was still hesitant to leave negative/neutral feedback in fear of retaliation from the seller.

    This time, I could not keep quiet about this dishonest seller so I left negative feedback. oh well, I took one for the team!