Finally...cinnamon day!!!

  1. :yahoo:Lots of pics! I got her on Monday morning and could hardly wait to show you all the gorgeous leather!!! The first ones are w/o flash, the rest are outside early morn!
    Cinnamon WO FLASH 13.jpg Cinnamon WO FLASH 13 (1).jpg Cinnamon WO FLASH 13 (2).jpg
  2. :yahoo: Yay! I have been waiting for you to post that you got yours! You seemed so anxious after I posted pics of my cinnamon city. Hooray for cinnamon! Love it!
  3. Outside - the leather....gulp:p!!!!!!
    Cinnamon TPF 10.jpg Cinnamon TPF 12.jpg Cinnamon TPF9.jpg Cinnamon TPF 2.jpg
  4. Chewy, scrunchy, YUMMY! Ally, that is one fantastic Cinnamon Day! I LOVE IT!!!
  5. I was kinda worried about the day style, but I LOVE IT!!:yahoo:
  6. Thanks monsoon!! I am so in love with the color and I have NEVER EVER seen leather such as this! Let's add chewy, and marshmallowy!!!:p
  7. WOW! That handbag is beautiful!!!! I love the color and the leather. :nuts: :tup:
  8. One more of the leather - can't brag it up enough!!!!
    CinnamonTPF 3.jpg
  9. wow wow! the leather so beautiful! Congrats!:biggrin:
  10. Sooooooooooooooooooooooo BEAutiful!!!!!!! :drool:
  11. ally!!!!!!!!~ The bag is incredibly gorgeous!!!:heart: :heart::heart: I am in love with it!!!! The color and leather~ simply TDF!!!!:love::drool::drool::love:
  12. Ally, the color is beautiful! Thanks for all the pics too.
  13. Gorgeous leather and the richness of the brown seems to glow!

  14. ally! She is so pretty, SO pretty. The leather just keeps getting better and better for this season.I'm glad you like the Day, it is my ultimate favorite.
  15. I am trying SO hard to keep myself from buying this color - I just love it! The leather looks great - ooh, that close-up is just too much!